Aaron Rodgers' Girlfriend: Everything to Know About Destiny Newton

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJanuary 12, 2012

Aaron Rodgers' Girlfriend: Everything to Know About Destiny Newton

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    Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has quietly been dating childhood friend Destiny Newton for almost a year. It's pretty impressive that the pair have managed to keep their relationship on the down low all this time.

    Especially when you consider the fact that just weeks before the relationship went public, Aaron Rodgers had led the Packers a Super Bowl victory, being named MVP in the process.

    Even today relatively little is known about Rodgers' girlfriend, but I've pieced together her life story in order to help paint a better picture of the woman who could become Mrs. Aaron Rodgers.

Born in Chico, CA in 1985

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    Both Aaron Rodgers and his lady friend, Destiny Newton, were born in Chico California--Rodgers in 1983, and Ms. Destiny in 1986.

    Chico is the most populous city in Butte County, California, and the 14th largest metropolitan area in the state.

The Newton Family Then

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    Destiny is the eldest daughter of Ric and Colene Newton, both of Chico, CA.

Grew Up Wth Two Sisters

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    Of sisters Shawntel (left) and Vanessa (middle); Destiny (right) is the eldest.

The Newton Family Today

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    The Newtons, an obviously tight-knit group, are pictured today.

The Newton Sisters Today

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    According to a post on Twitter, middle sister Shawntel recently celebrated a birthday with her two sisters in tow.

The Family Business

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    Destiny's father, Ric, and family friend Bob Bracewell founded the Newton-Bracewell Chico Funeral Home in 1993.

    Ric is a past president for the California Funeral Directors Associate and mom, Colene, is an administrative assistant for the business.

Destiny and Aaron Were BFF's?

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    In April 2011, Colene Newton gave an exclusive to RadarOnline about her daughter Destiny's relationship with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

    In the interview she claimed the couple had been best friends for over nine years; ever since….

Aaron Meets His Destiny at Church Camp

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    The pair met as teenagers at church camp. Presumably this church camp took place at the Chico Neighborhood Church, which has been Rodger's home church since he was young.

    Pastor Andrew Burchett has said that Rodgers has always led by his faith, and that he still spends time volunteering with church youth during the NFL offseason.

    Destiny's long-term involvement with the church is unknown.

A-Rodge, Shawntel Newton Graduate High School

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    According to alumni records at Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, both Aaron Rodgers and Shawntel Newton are graduates. Rodgers was the class of 2002, while Newton was the class of 2004.

    A search of the alumni database, produced no record of Destiny having graduated from the school. Rodgers and younger sister Shawntel both appear in the search. Presumably, she would have been the class of 2002 or 2003.

A-Rodge Goes to College, Destiny Becomes a Bartender

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    After setting a number of quarterback records at Pleasant Valley High School, Rodgers went on to junior college and eventually went on to attend Cal.

    Whether or not Destiny graduated high school is a mystery, so is her life in the years after her would-be graduation date. What we do know is that she moved to San Diego to become a bartender in 2007.

Destiny Is Just a Cowgirl at Heart

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    In an August 2010, interview with Pacific San Diego Magazine, Destiny explained what kind of girl she is and discussed some of her likes and dislikes with interviewer Seth Combs.

    Combs described her as a "hard-drinking, fly-fishing nature girl from Northern California who'd rather be riding horses outside than a mechanical bull in a nightclub."

    Interesting, considering she was working at a night club.

    Destiny described herself as a "cowgirl at heart" who would "definitely take going out camping over going to a club an day."

Who Really Loves to Party

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    In the same August 2010, interview with Pacific San Diego Magazine, Destiny went on to explain that she also enjoys going out on the town--when she goes out, she goes big.

    Her drink of choice is Jack Daniels on the rocks and she says she loves "making people happy by getting them buzzed." Are we sure she isn't a frat boy?

    Well, we do know she loves to party because...

She's Got a Massive Tramp Stamp

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    Let's just hope this monstrosity was the result of a bottle of Jack Daniels, and not a well planned event. Smdh...

Shawntel Newton Joins the Family Business

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    While Destiny was getting liquored up, and then getting inked up, middle child Shawntel was training to join the family business.

    Shawntel is a certified funeral director for the Newton-Bracewell funeral home and an embalmer.

A-Rodge & Destiny Reuinte in Early 2011

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    Aaron Rodgers was linked to ESPN's Erin Andrews and actress Jessica Szohr in late 2010, but obviously neither relationship was very serious.

    In early 2011, Rodgers had reunited with old friend Destiny and within months the pair were spotted frolicking on the beaches of Hawaii.

The Newtons Appear on "The Bachelor"

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    Also in early 2011, younger sister Shawntel appeared on The Bachelor, ABC's dating travesty that just won't die.

    It was youngest sister Vanessa that submitted Shawntel to the show, and she was among the show's final four. Shawntel dodged a bullet when two-time bachelor bust Brad Womack eliminated her after their hometown date.

So What's the Deal with These Two?

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    Nobody knows. Rodgers has never publicly commented on the relationship, which leads most people two one of two conclusions.

They're Very Serious

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    And he doesn't want to bring it into the public eye and welcome increased scrutiny and attention.


They're Just Messing Around

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    And having a little bit of fun.

Who Knows What Will Happen Down the Line

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    But if the two actually do make it down the aisle, we can be sure of one thing...

The Honeymoon Will Look Like This

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    Fingers crossed.