WWE/TNA (IWC Votes): What Is Your Favorite Championship of All Time? (Results)

David RutterCorrespondent IIIJanuary 12, 2012

Welcome to the latest results for "IWC Votes."

In the past, I have asked you, the reader, to vote on various topics, including favorite wrestlerRoyal Rumble momentsfavorite entrance themefavorite wrestling video game and favorite manager (voting still active).

This edition will take a look at what was voted as the favorite wrestling championship of all time.

Every wrestling promotion in the world has a championship. It's what their performers strive to win. To hold a championship means you're either the best or one of the best in that company. 

Some of these championships have gimmicks or restrictions attached to them (Tag Team, Hardcore and X-Division).

Some of them have been around for more than 50 years, and some have been retired and resurrected numerous times.

Others have been used by many promotions, while some have stayed exclusive.

But there's one thing that's for sure. Everybody has one championship that they can call their favorite.

Let's see what was voted at the No. 1 favorite championship!



WWF/E Intercontinental Championship (eight votes).

The Intercontinental Championship has always been the "stepping stone" for wrestlers who are about to break into the main-event picture. For all the great battles that were fought over the WWE Championship, even better battles were fought for the Intercontinental Championship. This was a title that everyone wanted because of the history associated with it, and all of the greats have held it at one time or another.


Readers' Comments

"The "workhorse" title as Triple H put it. While Hogan did 10-15 minutes of posing, superstars were going 15-30 minutes for the IC Title. To hold this championship means the company, nine times out of 10, wants to invest time into you and hopefully bring you into the next level. I think more than a dozen WWE Hall of Famers have held this championship: Patterson, Austin, Flair, Steamboat, Eddie, HBK, Edge and many others." - Roberto Rivera 

"An era where the WWF Championship was dominated by Hogan and rarely changed hands. Most contenders were billed at over 300 pounds.The IC title picture was the more athletic and technical wrestlers. The matches were faster paced and didn't lack any entertainment. The belt was almost as important as the WWF World Title, which is laughable these days. There were only three titles to win, the WWF, IC and Tag Team. Belts were prestigious to say the least." - Kevin Hess



Honorable Mentions

WCW Television Championship (four votes)

WWF/E Championship (three votes)

WCW  Cruiserweight Championship (two votes)

ECW World Heavyweight Championship (two votes)

WWF/E Hardcore Championship (two votes)


Well, that should about do it for this edition of "IWC Votes."

If you'd like to participate in the new edition for "favorite manager," you can do so here.

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