NFL Playoff Scenarios: 5 Games We Are Most Looking Forward To

Andrew McCluskeyCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2012

NFL Playoff Scenarios: 5 Games We Are Most Looking Forward To

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    This weekend's divisional round games are already bringing us some of the best matchups that we could hope for.

    We have Drew Brees bringing his New Orleans Saints to San Francisco to take on a young, but talented 49ers squad. It is a perfect offense versus defense matchup.

    Then the New York Giants, who may be the hottest team in the league right now, face off against the Green Bay Packers. It'll be interesting to see whether the Giants can finish the job they started Week 15.

    Then of course, "Tebowmania" travels to New England for a rematch with Tom Brady and company. The other AFC game will feature the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans in what should be a hard fought defensive matchup.

    Each game comes with a series of great storylines that will unfold over the course of the weekend. However, each game has the potential to lead to other great stories depending on the outcomes.

    Here are five potential games we are looking forward to the most.

New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers

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    This potential NFC championship matchup has fans of high-scoring games drooling.

    The Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints are the two best offenses in the NFC and two of the best in the league. They went head-to-head Week 1 of the season and put together a high-powered offensive performance with the Packers coming out on top.

    The Saints are playing some of their best football to date at this point.

    Drew Brees is coming off a record-breaking season and has carried that momentum in to the playoffs. No other quarterback in the league is currently as hot as Brees.

    Matching up the two front-runners in the MVP race will always make for a great game, but then adding on the stipulation that the winner goes to the Super Bowl, and you've got the potential for a game of historic proportions. 

    Both the Packers and Saints will be challenged with their opponents this week, but the chances of this game happening are very real.

New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens

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    The last time these two teams met in a playoff game, the Baltimore Ravens were able to force Tom Brady to turn the ball over three times and Ray Rice ran wild on the Patriots defense.

    This game resulted in the Patriots' first of two consecutive first-round exits from the postseason.

    If New England can break that streak of first-round exits and Baltimore can top the Texans, we will see a rematch of these two teams in the AFC Championship game. It would be the classic great offense versus great defense to once again test whether defense still wins championships.

    The Patriots have been consistent all year long with who they are as a team. They rely on Tom Brady and the passing attack to win games. The secondary as been awful all year long, and a mediocre run defense has been the only bright spot on that side of the ball.

    The Ravens, on the other hand, have been incredibly inconsistent this year. They have lost to teams they should have beaten like Seattle and Jacksonville. No matter how talented they are, you don't know which team is going to show up.

    Either way, this game would make for a fantastic clash of styles for a trip to the Super Bowl.

Denver Broncos vs. Anyone

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    Lets face it, deep down we all kind of like Tim Tebow.

    Even if you say you hate him, part of you just can't bring yourself to change the channel when he is on the field or his highlights are running.

    He is such an incredibly likable character off the field and an exciting talent to watch on the field. The way he plays the game and the circumstances by which he has won most of those games only helps build his following.

    Which is part of the reason why so many hate him.

    Nevertheless, Tebow makes for exciting football. Even when the odds are against him, like they will be in New England this weekend, there is always that chance that he finds a way to pull out the victory.

    If Tebow and the Broncos can top the Patriots this weekend, it doesn't matter who they will face from here on out—we will be watching.

San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Giants

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    Even though these two teams are two of the best in the league, they will most likely be the underdogs in their games this weekend.

    If both of them managed to pull off the upsets in their respective games, we would see the Giants and 49ers go head-to-head in the NFC Championship game. While this may not be the dream matchup for many, this game has potential to be a great one.

    The Giants would be heading in to this matchup with great momentum. They appear to be getting very hot at just the right time, and it is the kind of run that could lead them straight to a Super Bowl appearance. Eli Manning will need to play great against the Packers in order for the Giants to win, but if he does, then I wouldn't bet against them against anyone.

    The 49ers are one of the best turnaround stories in the league this year. They have a very talented, young defense that is on the rise under new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Alex Smith may not be the flashiest quarterback left in the postseason, but he has done a great job of fitting in to the new San Francisco offense.

    It won't be as high-scoring as a Packers or Saints game, but it would make for an exciting showdown.

New England Patriots vs. Green Bay Packers

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    This is my dream Super Bowl matchup, and I believe it is many others as well.

    Anyone that would want to see Drew Brees take on Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship game would love this showdown as well. Two of the elite quarterbacks leading very similarly built teams to the Super Bowl has all the makings of a great game.

    We would see two of the best passing attacks in the league put on display against two of the worst secondaries in the league. There could be records broken in a game like this, as Brady and Rodgers would most likely be trading touchdowns back and forth.

    A game like this would most likely come down to who protects the ball better.

    One crucial turnover at any point of the game could swing momentum. One crucial turnover leads to better field position for one drive that could turn a close contest in to a two-score game. 

    Neither quarterback turns the ball over often, but there are always playmakers that step up in big games and you can be sure that someone would step up defensively in the Super Bowl for one of these teams. 

    Having two No. 1 seeds go head-to-head in the Super Bowl is rare, but it is something to hope for this year.