Carey Price-less Montreal Canadiens Are in Trouble

Canadiens 25Contributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Wow the Habs are in trouble! The last two games without Carey Price were by far the scariest I've seen this year. Without his goaltending, the team is lost.

There's no way they can depend on Halak. Between the soft goals and the rebounds, the team is playing catch-up all night. The coach should play with four defensemen and one forward.

If Carey is not ready on Wednesday to face the Rangers, I sincerely hope Marc Denis gets the nod for this game. Where is Weber?

Today, the power play was a joke again. Was he not called up from Hamilton to help out on the power play?

As a Habs fanatic for all these years, I find it hard to comprehend some decisions that are made...then again, I'm not the Coach. But why keep on playing the same guys on the power play over and over again with no success? It's time to try something new.