Billy Beane: The Crazy King of Oakland

Ty JacksonContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Billy Beane is known for taking his low salary Oakland Athletics to the top. Homegrown players like Rich Harden, Tim Hudson, and Mark Mulder are a few standouts who have excelled in Oakland.

However, his players never seem to stay. Rich Harden was traded in 2008 in a six-player deal. Tim Hudson was traded for three players. Miguel Tejada cost too much to keep. Jason Giambi wasn't much better. Dan Haren, not homegrown, was traded for prospects before 2008. Only Eric Chavez seems like a mainstay.

But in the 2009 offseason Beane sent prospects along with Huston Street for Matt Holiday. This trade surprised me. Billy Bean traded prospects?! For an established player?! I couldn't believe he would make that trade. Maybe Street for three minor leaguers, but prospects for Holiday?! I couldn't believe it.

When this trade finally sinks in, many will wonder what this means. Is Beane going to change his ways? Will he start trading for more and more stars to create a powerhouse? Or is this just another way to grab some high level prospects?

Maybe Beane has his eye on a young power hitter or a future ace. One can only wonder going into the 2009 season.