LSU Fans: Alabama Shouldn't Have Won the 2011 BCS National Championship

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2012

Put another in the cabinet.
Put another in the cabinet.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

All I heard leading up to Monday night's championship game was lip flapping about how Alabama fans made excuse after excuse for losing the Nov. 5 game at Bryant Denny Stadium. LSU fans would never do that.

Leading up to the game, we heard LSU fans say things like:

Les Miles owns Saban.

After Jan. 9, it will be three in a row, heading to four!

Without a kicker, Alabama will not even score.

Saban isn't smart enough to go for it when out of field goal range.

How did that trick play work out for you?

Honey Badger takes what he wants!

A.J. McCarron will get intercepted at least twice once the run is stuffed.

Alabama doesn't deserve to be there; they only beat one top 25 team, while LSU beat five.

This is in our backyard; 'Bama doesn't stand a chance if they can't win in their house!

The truth is, LSU had a good team this season. They produced a record that 115 FBS teams in college football would love to have. But when it mattered most, they couldn't seal the deal. 

Today, I hear crickets. The LSU fans, for the most part, are too embarrassed to post some good excuses. But that is not to say some have not tried. I have seen a couple, but they were barely excuses and more like bewilderment at the coaching staff and their Tigers.

Now, we hear from the fans of the Big 12, Big 10 and Pac-12 about how Alabama was not worthy to win the game, much less be in it. We hear Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy make absurd comments as if Alabama wouldn't have schemed against his style of offense.

Things are easier said when you don't have to do them.

I'm sure the LSU fans who inspired such interesting wit as previously mentioned will once again surface somewhere around November of 2012. This time, I think they will sing a different tune.

Until then, they can come and get a glimpse at the 2011 Coaches Trophy in the Alabama athletic department.