WWE Raw and More: Weekly Thoughts from a Wrestling Fan in Clifford's Cloverleaf

Clifford DavidsonContributor IJanuary 11, 2012

Punk's showdown with Ziggler will be a highlight of the Royal Rumble
Punk's showdown with Ziggler will be a highlight of the Royal RumbleGaye Gerard/Getty Images

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Let me first start off by stating that I am a huge wrestling fan. I have admired the men and women who have given their sweat, blood and tears to perform for us. So I thought the best way I could honor them was to start this blog to reveal an average wrestling fan's point of view. 

I'm not a wrestling insider, nor will I pretend to be—just a fan who is passionate about the business and all the good it stands for. Some of you will agree with me, some won't, but through this blog, I hope to reach out to the wrestling fan community and share our opinions about the direction the business is going in—the good, the bad and the head-scratching moments.

I will mostly be dealing with the WWE, but once in a while I will drop some comments on TNA and Ring of Honor, so with that being said, here is what is currently on my mind...


1. This Week's Raw Was an Entertaining Show

I wish that there was more wrestling. The Daniel Bryan/Kofi Kingston match should have got much more time than it did, but I like the character development that they're showing with Daniel Bryan.

I think sometimes the company forgets the that best way to tell an exciting and entertaining story is to let the performers perform in the ring. They're not actors—they didn't trying all their lives to tell a story through a microphone; they trained to tell stories inside the square circle.

Promos should be meant to enhance and put a superstar over the top.


2. Edge and the Four Horsemen Deserved to Be Inducted and It Was a Nice Touch

The Rated-R superstar is Hall-of-Fame Bound
The Rated-R superstar is Hall-of-Fame BoundJim McIsaac/Getty Images

Especially Arn Anderson, who I feel is the most underrated talent in the last 25 years. I can't wait to see him take his rightful place among the elites.

And what can be said about Edge? He absolutely deserves to be inducted this year as well.

I do have a couple suggestions about this year's class and inductions. Personal feelings aside, Macho Man Randy Savage must be in this class, no matter what you have to do with either Ricky Steamboat (if healthy) or Ric Flair (if possible) to personally induct him. Also, Dusty Rhodes must induct the Four Horsemen and Christian or Kane must induct Edge.


3. The CM Punk-Dolph Ziggler Feud Is Coming along Nicely

CM Punk vs. Jack Swagger was a solid match—botch or no botch—and I am looking forward to the Punk/Ziggler contest at the Royal Rumble. Hopefully Mr. John Laurinaitis will not take too much away from what should be a Match of the Night contest.

Speaking of the man who has the longest title in wrestling history, he has done an outstanding job as an authority figure. He has the qualities that make you hate him. Hopefully we will see more great interactions between he and Punk in the future.


4. Kane Is Underrated at Cutting Promos on the Mic

He is so articular and comes across so well when he speaks, which adds a great dimension to his character. Remember, a psycho monster is a dangerous monster, but an intelligent, composed one is deadly. Whenever the higher-ups pull the "turn John Cena heel" lever during this program (I've seen the switch; it's bright red and protected by bulletproof glass), I have been really enjoying Kane's work during it, and will be interested to see what the WWE has planned for him after this story runs its course.


5. Honestly, Who Saw Brodus Clay's Debut Going like...That?

A lot of fans apparently were mad and outraged that they ruined this supposed monster heel. Because, you know, we just don't have monster heels in the WWE (see: Kane, Mark Henry). Personally, I think it's a breath of fresh air.

It's a different, unique gimmick that stands out, but those never work out...right, Zack Ryder? All I'm saying is that the success of the gimmick depends on how much passion Clay will put into it. If he believes and embraces it, the fans (whether positively or negatively) will embrace it because fans respond to passionate performers. 

What's the deal with Chris Jericho?

I don't know, but he's three steps ahead than just about all of us, so tune in and see.

I try not to read spoilers so I will see you after Friday night SmackDown.

Later, wrestling fans...Clifford out.