WWE Raw: Will the Miz Actually Get a Bodyguard to Help Him?

Justin WatrySenior WriterJanuary 11, 2012

Mike Mizanin during Hollywood Knights Charity Basketball Game-Glendale at Glendale High School in Glendale, CA., United States. ***Exclusive*** (Photo by Barry King/Getty Images)
Barry King/Getty Images

Everybody is talking about Chris Jericho (loved his appearances).

Everybody is talking about Brodus Clay (loved his appearance).

However, the feud between R-Truth and Miz has been largely ignored by the WWE Universe. I already covered their feud two days ago.

In a strange twist, WWE took a sharp turn on Raw with these two going against each other. The Miz actually got the better of Truth for a change. That surprised me. I figured it was coming but not this early in their feud.

The most interesting part of Monday night was Miz looking for some "help" to protect himself from Truth. He talked to everybody from Mason Ryan to Ricardo Rodriguez.

It did not seem like a lot of people wanted to help the former reality star out. I can't say I blame them. He is a talented man, but he has not had the best couple weeks (kayfabe).

That leads me to my question: Is The Miz ever going to get a bodyguard?

Perhaps his interaction with Ricardo was it? Maybe that was all the help he wanted to attack R-Truth. It seems to be fitting, as he stood tall Monday night. Not Truth.

However, Miz knows Truth will want revenge next week...and the following week...and the week after that. Then what? Ricardo surely will be back with Alberto Del Rio very soon, so he is not an option anymore.

Who does Miz go to then?

I doubt Alex Riley would want to go back to his former friend. That pairing worked in the past, but Riley needs to break out on his own. No more "second fiddle" for him!

Looking at the current roster, I can't see many heels that would fit the role of "bodyguard." Some heels are great but not big. Other WWE Superstars are big but not heels.

There is only one name I can think of that would work well being the "bodyguard" for The Miz...

Kevin Nash!

In my opinion, he will be back in WWE. It will certainly not be in a high-profile feud again. That is done and over with. Anything with Triple H is in the rear-view mirror, and their battles are done.

However, Nash has always been great at the "enforcer" role. Let him stand there, look intimidating and do a few powerful moves when needed. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less.

It gives Miz a new layer to his character, before his inevitable face turn next year. Yes, it is coming. It gives Diesel another role on WWE TV (but not in matches). Finally, the pairing will make sure that R-Truth gets "got!"

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