10 First-Ballot Selections into the Worst Teammate Hall of Fame

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10 First-Ballot Selections into the Worst Teammate Hall of Fame

There are no rules that say teammates have to like each other. As long as everyone does their job on the field a lot of things are overlooked.

However, there are unwritten rules about acceptable behavior when it comes to teammates. Violate these rules and the offending athlete could face serious repercussions from the team.

On nyDailynews.com Wednesday, an article by Manish Mehta quoted various anonymous NY Jets players trashing Mark Sanchez. They questioned his work ethic, his leadership and his ability. Worse of all, they openly suggested that the Jets should pursue Peyton Manning.

They might as well have donned Tom Brady masks and literally thrown Mark Sanchez under a New York City bus.

This should come as no surprise. All year the Jets have been running their mouths. The only difference is that this time they weren't running for the camera as well. They decided to keep their identities secret.

How courageous of them. Is it any surprise this team is an utter failure?

The dysfunctional actions of this group of teammates made me think of how sports teams are no different than families. Some families are healthy and support one another. Others are filled with jealousy and will stab each other in the back the first chance they get.

In sports, losing tends to bring out these qualities. The more losing, the more dysfunction, such as with the Jets. When they are making AFC title games, then everything is dandy. When they are missing the playoffs it's every man for himself.

Throughout recent sports history, there are a select few athletes who—regardless of wins or losses— have repeatedly demonstrated a dysfunctional quality that is unmatched.

Call it selfishness. Call it lack of conscience. In most of these cases, you could even call it personality disorder. This one seems appropriate and so does this one.

Regardless of the reason for their behaviors, one thing is for sure. These are not the kind of teammates you want to go to war with.

These are the worst teammates in sports history.

And no, Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress aren't even on this list.

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