Picking a Premier League "Bad Boy" Worst XI

Chris Siddell@@siddellcCorrespondent IIIJanuary 12, 2012

Picking a Premier League "Bad Boy" Worst XI

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    Premier League bad boys provide us with endless debate and controversy.  Some people love them, others hate them.  But how would a full team made up of Premier League bad boys look?

    These 11 Premier League bad boys make up a solid team of men that would be at home both on the field and in the ring.

    From those players who persistently nag and niggle, winding everyone up, right the way through to the outright thug.

    Don't mess with these guys.

The Bench

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    The bad-boy 11 has to have a bench.  These guys didn't quite have enough to make it into the starting lineup, but I wouldn't want to sit with them on the bench.


    Robbie Savage

    One of those players hated by everyone except his own fans, Savage was a controversial midfielder who never failed to aggravate the opponents.


    Kevin Davies

    The Bolton is not so much a violent bad boy, but he's a persistent offender.  Davies has made more fouls than any other Premier League player and always ends the season with a large collection of bookings.


    Lee Cattermole

    Sunderland captain Lee Cattermole started the 2010 season by being sent off twice in three games.  Always rushing into tackles and clattering everyone he can, Cattermole wasn't far off the team.

GK: Vinnie Jones

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    Vinnie Jones makes in into the goalkeeper spot despite only ever playing there once.  Making an appearance in goal against Newcastle, Jones proved you don't need skills to be a keeper.

    Jones employs a different tactic when playing in goal.  He scares the living daylights out of attackers.

    I know I wouldn't want to score past him.  Jones spent most of his time in the midfield, but he was such a hard man and such a bad boy, he could play anywhere in this team.

    Jones is such a bad boy, he has gone on to star in Hollywood films as, well, a bad boy.  No Premier League list of bad boys would be complete without Vinnie Jones.

RB: Gary Neville

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    Gary Neville was a Manchester United legend.  Playing at right back, Neville was a man that Sir Alex Ferguson could rely on.

    Never completely over the top, Neville spent much of his playing days collecting minor fouls.

    If that wasn't enough, he was a real wind-up merchant.  He's a player hated by most fans other than Manchester United's, a true sign of a dirty player.

    Neville came into his own whenever United met Liverpool, showing his bad boy colours whenever he had the chance.

LB: Ashley Cole

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    Ashley Cole is one of the best left backs there has ever been in the Premier League.  But that doesn't mean he isn't a bad boy.

    Seemingly always making some clumsy tackle and forever protesting his innocence with the referee, Ashley Cole is one of the dirtiest left backs the Premier League has seen and is deserving of a place in the bad boy XI.

CB: John Terry

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    John Terry is a real nasty defender.  He's always fully committed and always giving his all to get the win, even if it means playing a little dirty.

    The Chelsea defender has picked up a reputation for being a bad boy, always arguing with opposing players and referees alike.  

    And off the field Terry isn't much better, with a spate of incidents and scandals surrounding him over the years.

CB: Gary Caldwell

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    Wigan captain Gary Caldwell makes it into the list despite not yet making 50 Premier League starts.

    The defender has quickly proven he is more than capable of making rash and dirty tackles.  In his short time, he has already been sent off twice and seems to collect yellow cards for fun.

    An early entry onto the list for a player who could become a legendary bad boy.

RM: El-Hadji Diouf

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    El-Hadji Diouf needs very little introduction.  

    Making it onto the team was never going to be a problem for Diouf.  The former Liverpool, Blackburn, Bolton and Sunderland player is more known for his "bad boy" image than his ability as a player.

    Plenty of sending offs, a ridiculous amount of bookings and a seemingly endless list of indiscretions, Diouf truly is one of the worst players to have played in the Premier League when talking about bad boys.

CM: Joey Barton

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    Joey Barton has a great talent on the football field.  The talent to cause trouble.  

    Always causing some kind of controversy, be it for a rash tackle or more recently, a headbutt, Barton seems to enjoy the attention.

    A number of arrests off the field supplemented by some jail time complements his bad-boy persona nicely.  Barton will fit in nicely in the Premier League worst ever bad-boy XI.

CM: Roy Keane

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    Roy Keane led Manchester United through one of their most successful periods.  Still, he will be remembered for his dirty tackles and real "bad boy" image.

    Whilst Paul Scholes was considered, his mistimed tackles were nothing when compared to the downright nastiness of Keane.

    The former United skipper caused an uproar when he admitted in his autobiography that he had intentionally tried to injure another player with a bad tackle.

LM: Lee Bowyer

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    Lee Boywer collected over 100 bookings in the Premier League.  He had a few sending offs to go with that.  

    Perhaps his most famous incident was when he was sent off for fighting.  What was so unusual was he was fighting with his teammate, Kieron Dyer.

    Bowyer spent much of his career making rash tackles, and by the time he left the Premier League as a player, he was famed more for his "bad boy" image than anything else.

ST: Eric Cantona

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    Eric Cantona is one of the most entertaining players to have ever played in the Premier League.

    In his early days particularly, Cantona was the original Premier League bad boy.  He shocked the footballing world back in 1995, when he launched himself into the crowd to kick a Crystal Palace fan.

    Cantona was banned for six months after the karate kick.  He's one of the greatest Premier League players ever, but one of the worst bad boys of the game full stop.

ST: Duncan Ferguson

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    Duncan Ferguson was far from the gentle giant.  The huge forward was a big target man for Everton and Newcastle in his Premier League days.

    The big man was not afraid of asserting himself and was known for his short temper and on-field violence.

    Part of the appeal for watching Ferguson was not just the prospect of a fantastic header, but the high probability he would do something stupid.

    Ferguson is definitely a worthy member of the bad boys' XI.