The 2009 World Baseball Classic Preview: All The World's A Stage

Ty JacksonContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

As 2008 is behind us, we must look forward to the upcoming year. In March, baseball fans will be looking forward to the season and may see one of the most exciting tournaments of baseball anywhere in the world.

The World Baseball Classic is held every three years and highlights the best professionals from around the globe. Players like Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis will team up to bring the gold home to the US. While A-Rod and David Ortiz will drop the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry to represent the Dominican Republic.

In 2006, Daisuke Matsuzaka became famous as the MVP for champion Japan. However, four years later, the teams have changed and it could be anyone's game.

Team USA will be especially formidable with the AL MVP in Pedroia, Red Sox teammate and second MVP runner up Kevin Youkilis, famed Braves third baseman and .400 chaser Chipper Jones, and maybe an appearance by New York Mets new setup man J.J. Putz.

However, Japan retains Ichiro and Dice-K still in top form to help protect its title.