The Best 2012 NFL Draft Prospect from Every AP Top 25 Team

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIJanuary 12, 2012

The Best 2012 NFL Draft Prospect from Every AP Top 25 Team

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    Now that the 2011 NCAA college football season is over as Alabama managed to knock off LSU in the BCS National Championship this past Monday, we can now start to look forward on the 2012 NFL Draft and solely focus on the '12 draft class and what kind of prospects it has to offer. 

    In that spirit, today we're going to take a look at the latest Associated Press Top 25 and we are going to be selecting the top prospect from each of the 25 schools and give a brief scouting report on that individual. 

    Without further ado, here is the best 2012 NFL draft prospect from every top 25 AP ranked college. 

25. Cincinnati: Isaiah Pead

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    Cincinnati running back Isaiah Pead reminds me a lot of Pittsburgh Steelers running back Mewelde Moore.

    Pead has a great burst through the hole, and he's very elusive in the open field while being a solid receiver. However, his major weakness is that he doesn't break too many tackles and plays in a nontraditional offense at Cincinnati. 

    Pead is a solid prospect for the running back position, but I figure to see him selected in the third-to-fifth rounds. 

24. Nebraska: Alfonzo Dennard

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    Nebraska's Alfonzo Dennard is one of the top-rated corner backs in the 2012 draft class.

    Dennard is a decent-sized corner that stands in at 5'10" and has an outstanding football IQ, understanding how to read offenses while being a solid playmaker that will always find the ball.

    The only things that Dennard really lacks is that he's not great in zone coverage; he's just good. Other than that, he's got no true weaknesses. 

23. Florida State: Andrew Datko

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    Andrew Datko is a very well-rounded offensive tackle coming out of Florida State but missed most of 2011 as he had to have surgery on both of his shoulders.

    Datko may be a bit injury prone, but he's an outstanding running blocker tbat still needs to work on his pass protection and is best suited as a right tackle at the NFL level.

    Datko may have potential, but I only see him going in the middle rounds, possibly as high as the fourth. 

22. Clemson: Dwayne Allen

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    Clemson's Dwayne Allen is the top-rated tight end entering the 2012 draft. 

    To be honest, I see Allen as a better blocking Ed Dickinson of the Baltimore Ravens.

    Allen is arguably the best two-way tight end prospect since the Detroit Lions drafted Brandon Pettigrew. He is a great blocker that can be used as a fullback while also being athletic enough to be a great receiver, and he can be an even better receiver in the redzone, as he finished 2011 with five touchdowns. 

    I could see Allen going as early as the late first round, believe it or not. 

21. Virginia Tech: David Wilson

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    David Wilson may be an underclassmen, but he has all the tools and potential to be a special back at the NFL level.

    Wilson has elite speed and is tough inside the tackles, which makes him an every-down back.

    Standing in at 5'10" and 205 lbs., Wilson has decent size and is projected to go in the late first round into the second round. 

20. Southern Miss: Austin Davis

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    Southern Miss certainly doesn't have the best NFL prospects as of right now, but quarterback Austin Davis is the best it has to offer.

    Davis may go undrafted as he's coming off of a foot injury but certainly should be playing on a team this upcoming NFL season. 

    Davis has a relatively low ceiling for potential but has solid mechanics and great footwork. 

19. Georgia: Cordy Glenn

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    Cordy Glenn is a massive offensive linemen for the Georgia Bulldogs as he stands in at 6'5" and weighs 350 lbs.

    Glenn's unique trait that will intrigue teams is that he can play both guard or tackle at the next level. 

    I figure to see Glenn being selected in the second round and possibly as high as the late first round. 

18. Houston: Case Keenum

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    Case Keenum is a rather interesting prospect as he's been at Houston for six seasons, but this quarterback has a giant arm.

    At only 6'2", Keenum is a bit undersized and has a rather slow release but definitely can make all the throws at the next level as he's got a pinpoint accuracy. 

    Kennum is a tough prospect to look at, as it's unclear on how teams will look at him. He could go undrafted, but I'm sticking in as early as the fifth round. 

17. West Virginia: Bruce Irvin

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    West Virginia's Bruce Irvin is definitely a smart player that plays with a high motor and could play either defensive or outside linebacker at the next level.

    Irvin does lack some experience and is a tad bit small, but his great instincts certainly make up for it.

    I see Irvin going somewhere in the second or the third round. 

16. Oklahoma: Jamell Fleming

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    Standing in at 5'10", Oklahoma cornerback Jamell Fleming has the size to play at the NFL level.

    Fleming's greatest weakness is that he does not have elite speed and can be overwhelmed by bigger and strong receivers—which can make him an ideal nickel back at the pro level.

    I don't see too many teams showing that much interest in Fleming, but as the NFL evolves towards a pass-heavy league, I project Fleming going somewhere in the second, third or fourth rounds. 

15. Kansas State: Tysyn Hartman

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    Tysyn Hartman is an interesting prospect, as he doesn't have great tackling skills but has the ideal size to play at the NFL level.

    Hartman lacks range in pursuit for a free safety and will struggle in open space.

    All in all, I don't see Hartman being drafted any higher than the fifth round. 

14. TCU: Tank Carder

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    Tank Carder is an absolute animal and is a pretty intriguing outside linebacker prospect coming out of TCU. 

    Carder may not be selected in the early rounds, but he does have potential to flourish at the NFL level as he's extremely athletic with great instincts. He just needs to get a little bit more stronger. 

13. Baylor: Robert Griffin III

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    Baylor's Robert Griffin III is an extremely athletic quarterback, a close second behind Stanford's Andrew Luck.

    RG3 is the Heisman Trophy winner, so he's definitely talented and is without a doubt a top 10 pick. 

    Griffin has all the tools to be successful as a passer and will be a dual-threat quarterback as he's such a dangerous threat on his feet. 

12. Michigan: David Molk

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    Many of you might not have a clue who David Molk is, but he's one of the emerging prospects for centers entering the 2012 drdaft.

    Molk has great footwork and uses his hands well  at run and pass blocking. The only negative against Molk is that he's a bit undersized and will have to add some weight to matchup against NFL defensive linemen. 

11. Michigan State: Jerel Worthy

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    Jerel Worthy is without a question a first round draft pick and has all the potential in the world to be an All pro defensive tackle at the NFL level.

    Worthy stands in at 6'3" and weights 310 lbs. and is extremely quick for a guy that size. The only thing that he's lacking is the ability to beat a double team. 

10. Wisconsin: Peter Konz

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    Wisconsin's Peter Konz should have a successful career at the NFL as a team's franchise center. 

    Konz has great size as he stands in at 6'5" and weighs 315 lbs. He is a complete bulldozer when it comes to run blocking. The only negative on Konz's game is that he could play a little high sometimes, but that is something that an NFL team can definitely change. 

9. South Carolina: Alshon Jeffery

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    Alshon Jeffery has phenomenal talent and should be an All Pro wide receiver in the NFL for years to come.

    Also equipped with blazing speed, Jeffery is a physical receiver that can beat almost any defender. 

    Pretty much anything that is thrown near Jeffery, he will catch that ball—he's that talented. 

8. Boise State: Billy Winn

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    Defensive linemen Billy Winn will be drafted somewhere in the early second round, possibly in the late first round.

    Winn had great size and is incredibly versatile as he can play either defensive end of defensive tackle at the NFL level. 

    The only thing that Winn really needs to work on is adding more pass rushing moves to his arsenal. 

7. Stanford: Andrew Luck

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    Andrew Luck is the top prospect in the 2012 draft—there's no debate here.

    Luck is so NFL-ready, it's unbelievable. Luck is arguably the most NFL-ready quarterback in over a decade and will definitely have a stellar professional career.

    There is really nothing that Luck is lacking; he's just that perfect. 

6. USC: Matt Kalil

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    Matt Kalil is an ideal left tackle at the NFL level—he has all the tools to be a dominant blind-side protector. 

    Kalil stands in at 6'7" and weights only 295 lbs., but he may have to bulk up a little bit more in order to be as dominant as he can be at the NFL level. 

    I am projecting Kalil to be selecting in the top five. 

5. Arkansas: Jarius Wright

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    Jarius Wright is nothing short of a play-making wide receiver. 

    Wright is an extremely coordinated athlete, as he always finds the ball and is a sharp route-runner. 

    Wright should go somewhere in the middle rounds of this year's draft. 

4. Oregon: LaMichael James

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    LaMichael James should be a durable running back at the pro level as he has blazing speed, incredible ability and can break almost any tackle.

    The biggest downfall on James' game is that he's not that strong; he will have to add some more strength in order to be an every-down back. 

    James should go somewhere in the third to fourth rounds. 

3. Oklahoma State: Justin Blackmon

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    There's no question about this guy—Justin Blackmon should be an elite wide receiver as soon as he steps foot in the NFL.

    Blackmon is just a well-rounded wide receiver that can do it all.

    There's really no downfall to Blackmon's game. He is a gamer. 

2. LSU: Morris Claiborne

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    LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne is a sure top-five draft pick in 2012.

    Claiborne has the upside to be an elite cornerback in the NFL, as he possesses all the tools to shut down offense's top wide receivers. 

1. Alabama: Trent Richardson

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    Trent Richardson is a physical running back that can absolutely demolish anyone in his path.

    Richardson had a stellar career at Alabama and should be even better at the professional level.

    All in all, he's a perfect running back that can do just about everything. He has no real weaknesses.