Darren Sproles: Superstar

Shari GellerContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

I admit it. 

I have a thing for short guys. 

When I'm watching a game, I usually search out the small but scrappy guy, the one that has to work a lot harder.  So when I first laid eyes on Darren Sproles I thought, "Oh, he's adorable.  He'd fit inside one of the lineman's pockets.  He'd be the same size as his bobble head."

Then I saw him run. 

He ran under guys, around guys, through guys.  He ran after he was cornered, tackled, seemingly stopped.  He ran when there was a huge hole and ran when there was barely a sliver of light.  

His feet moved so fast that he looked like a Warner Bros. cartoon where you don't see the feet anymore, but just a cloud of swirling dust.  It seemed as if he was in every play.

With over 350 total yards for the game, that wasn't far from the truth.

When he fumbled, in his typical effort to turn a three-yard gain into 15, he didn't give up.  He didn't slow down.  This Energizer Bunny in cleats came back in OT and—as if scripted—caught the game-winning pass. 

It had to be that way.  This was his game. 

While I'm sure the Chargers will be thrilled to see LaDainian Tomlinson come back, I'll be keeping my eyes open for little No. 43.