The 11 Biggest Goofballs in MMA

G DAnalyst IIIJanuary 12, 2012

The 11 Biggest Goofballs in MMA

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    No two individuals can have the same personality—especially if you're a mixed martial artist.

    The world of MMA is filled with hundreds of different personalities, ranging from the silent assassins to those who fly under the radar and, of course, the goofballs.

    The goofballs bring a different spice to the table and have attracted many of their own fans over the years.

    With love for our goofballs, the following slides display the 11 biggest goofballs in MMA today.

    Let's take a look.

11. Anderson Silva

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    Who really cares if he's the UFC middleweight champion?

    Or the greatest fighter of all time, for that matter?

    Anderson Silva isn't normal—he's a goofball.

    While he certainly has his serious side, this guy is always doing something weird.

    Just take a look at him.

10. Forrest Griffin

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    While Forrest Griffin may cross the line at times, this guy is as goofy as it gets.

    If someone knocks down your door, what do you do?

    Take a look and see what Griffin does.

    Goofy in a good way.

9. Roy Nelson

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    Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

    There are many words to describe the personality of Nelson, but few fit the part more than goofy.

    Nelson is arguably the most laid-back fighter in MMA today and doesn't give a hoot about hoot.

8. Rampage Jackson

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    Who's smiling one minute and giving a death stare the next?

    Rampage Jackson.

    Is this the same guy who humped that news reporter?


7. Pat Barry

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    Your first impression of Pat Barry is "mean," right?


    If you take a minute to examine who Barry actually is, you'll find an 18-year-old stuck in a 32-year-old's body.

    Check out Barry singing away.

6. Chris Leben

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    While Chris Leben may have some personal problems outside of the Octagon, he's one of the goofiest when he's at his full element.

    Whether it's his interest in getting punched, the pink hair or the evil smile, Leben is downright goofy.

5. Brian Ebersole

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    Anyone who shaves his chest hair into anything should be classified as the weirdest man on the planet.

    However, Brian Ebersole is an exception to that rule.

    This guy is actually funny.

    Hey, at least he's representing his sponsor.

4. Keith Jardine

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    Many call him creepy, some call him funny, but all will agree that he's goofy.

    Say cheese, Keith!

3. Jason "Mayhem" Miller

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    Take a look at this guy.

    Jason "Mayhem" Miller is one of the weirdest/most likable fighters in MMA today.

    All in all, Miller is a fun-loving guy with a goofy personality.

2. Tom Lawlor

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    A. Who actually walks his training partner out to the Octagon on a leash?

    B. Better yet, who plays "Who Let the Dogs Out?" while repeating step A?

    This guy.

1. Dave "Pee-Wee" Herman

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    I think this picture says all you need to know.

    Pee-Wee Herman? Hmm...


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