15 MMA Fighters We'd Pay to See Destroyed over and over Again

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIJanuary 11, 2012

15 MMA Fighters We'd Pay to See Destroyed over and over Again

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    In the world of MMA, there are certain fighters we root for, come hell or high water. It is also safe to say we’d be willing to pay over the odds just for the satisfaction of seeing the fighters we despise destroyed to our heart's content.

    Like most things in life, we either love 'em or hate 'em, and sometimes there’s no in-between; the same applies to the fighters who ply their trade as combatants of the ring or the steel cage.

    Let’s take a look.

15. Georges St. Pierre

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    "Rush" is one of three current titlists on this list.

    He’s a champion, a future Hall of Famer, the face of the UFC and most probably the most well-rounded mixed martial artist of his era.

    Therein lies one of his problems—his achievements have bred envy which in turn has triggered off some sort of contempt for the welterweight king.

    St. Pierre hasn't helped his cause either, with his inability to finish fights.

    His naysayers would love a champ to implement the aforementioned as much as they’d also love to see St. Pierre being decimated in a Matt Serra way whenever the opportunity arises.

14. Frank Mir

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    Frank Mir has that smug look on his face, as if to suggest “I’m the best.”

    With that said, after Brock Lesnar clinically rearranged his visage at UFC 100, the haughty look disappeared completely, but only for a short while.

    It’s straight to the cash point for this guy.

13. Quinton Jackson

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    The thing with Rampage is that he’s quite an affable sort of character, but that tends to evaporate into thin air once he opens his mouth.

    Add to the equation his outside-the-Octagon antics, then everything good about him becomes bad.

    His humping a Japanese reporter whilst lasciviously hitting on another hasn’t gone down too well with the masses, and his latest action, humping a tiger, was unseemly.

    The former UFC light heavyweight champion is a great fighter, but sometimes he oversteps the mark.

    I doubt a lot of people were crying over spilt milk when Jon Jones locked in a rear naked choke to submit him in their championship matchup at UFC 135.

    Rampage isn’t the worst on the list, but we’d still pay to see him get a beatdown every now and again.

12. Brock Lesnar

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    Brock Lesnar waltzed into the UFC with all the pomp and pageantry associated with a WWE star, and despite having little or no experience with regards to MMA, he was then given a title shot in only his third fight.

    Still, after defeating Frank Mir in his first title defense, he not only derided him, he also flipped the bird at the audience in attendance.

    Though he later apologized, the damage was already done.

    The consecutive spoliations at the hands of both Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem must have been music to the ears of those who thought and still think he was all muscle and no substance.

    Even though he has left the Zuffa-based promotion, he deserves a mention because if he were still plying his trade there, it’s a surefire bet we’d want to see him destroyed in every given opportunity.

11. Tito Ortiz

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    The former UFC light heavyweight champion, formerly known as “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” but for some reason now assuming the sobriquet of “The People's Champ,” was one of the original trash-talkers in MMA.

    That was then; the new and demure Ortiz has a tendency to make excuses after every loss—back injury, head injury and so on and so forth.

    To be honest, it’s become old hat.

    He can’t cut it anymore—we know it, and he’s finally cottoned on as well.

    If he comes up short in his swansong fight, whenever that is, expect him to bring out the violins.

    The bottom line is this: Seeing Ortiz on the wrong side of a pasting is never a sight for sore eyes, it’s a pleasure worth paying for any and every time.

10. Anderson Silva

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    MMA’s own pound-for-pound king makes this list for the simple fact that despite all his successes, he’s one of the most despised fighters on the planet.

    I suspect that there are a plethora of fans who would love nothing more than to watch his demise as many times as possible.

    Whether that will ever come to fruition is anyone’s guess—at the moment he’s riding a 15-fight winning streak and has defended his UFC middleweight crown a record nine times.

    The only person to even come close to ending that streak was Chael Sonnen, and even with the title just minutes within his grasp, he failed.

9. Paul Daley

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    Paul “Semtex” Daley is one of two Brits on this list—he exudes the same uncharacteristic behaviorisms as his compatriot—overly loud and just a plain pain in the posterior.

    His attitude and behavior were two of the reasons he was bounced from the UFC—the case in point was his sucker punch on Josh Koscheck following the end of their matchup at UFC 113.

    A fight, I might add, that he lost.

    A reversal of the Semtex dished out to Daley would just be what the doctor ordered, and we’d also love to see him swallow that pill on every given occasion.

8. Brandon Vera

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    Truth be told (no pun intended), Vera came to the UFC in a blaze of glory with the sole intention of surmounting any and all obstacles.

    Vera’s gob was the driving force to his notoriety, and that didn’t sit too well with some folk, but he did make some sort of impact when he defeated Frank Mir at UFC 65.

    The “Truth” was for real, or so he thought, but after losses to an aged Randy Couture, a ground assault by Jon Jones and finally a humiliating defeat to Thiago Silva, it became obvious that all along he had been assuming the wrong moniker.

    He talked a good game but rarely backed it up, and that’s one reason fans would pay to see him in pain whenever he steps into the Octagon.

7. Rashad Evans

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    Rashad Evans and Jon Jones are completely different fighters, and are neither brothers from another nor the same mother.

    However, what they do have in common is their innate ability to turn the paying public against them.

    It didn’t help matters that Evans decimated a fan hero in the guise of Chuck Liddell—it also doesn’t help his cause when he ridicules his opponents by tweaking his nipples and grabbing his family jewels either.

    The latter was the catalyst in his being knocked out with a distorted look placed on his semi-conscious face, courtesy of Lyoto Machida.

    People would pay good money for another contorted “Suga” expression.

6. Josh Koscheck

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    He’s cocky, he’s rash, he’s brash and to boot he thinks he’s all that. Koscheck has the annoying inclination to feign injuries when it’s quite apparent he’s been totally unsportsmanlike.

    One example was the incident regarding the fake eye injury against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson at UFC 106.

    There was also the phantom knee Paul Daley was supposed to have struck him with.

    Though, in that same fight at UFC 113, Daley did in fact sucker punch Koscheck, and I would swear blind that certain fans where both secretly and openly smirking in their beers.

    The guy is a piece of work.

    Nevertheless, at UFC 124, “Kos” got his true just desserts when he suffered a one-eyed beatdown at the hands of Georges St. Pierre; now that was the icing on the cake.

    Money is not an option—we’d take out a loan to see Koscheck get whipped time and time again.

5. Muhammed Lawal

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    Royalty he is not, but try telling that to King Mo.

    One of his most irksome habits is his mouth—he talks above his weight

    However, he did usurp Gegard Mousasi to become the Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, only to relinquish the crown to Rafael Cavalcante via third-round TKO.

    As things stand, Lawal is no king—he doesn’t have a crown.

    Nevertheless, kudos to the guy for coming up trumps in his latest bout against Lorenz Larkin at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine.

    Still, the UFC beckons, and I would put money on it, that if and when he does jump ship, there will be a queue of people paying to see him fall multiple times from his supposed throne.

4. Jon Jones

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    At UFC 23, Jon “Bones” Jones became the youngest champion in the history of the UFC when he upended fan favorite Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

    Prior to the fight, he had already proclaimed himself the new light heavyweight king, much to the chagrin of some fans.

    It didn’t stop there—after submitting Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida via standing guillotine choke at UFC 140, he proceeded to unceremoniously let the comatose Machida flop face first into the mat.

    Still, some fans take umbrage to the way he carries himself—they find his over-confidence as the hallmark of arrogance.

    At present, Bones Jones is one of the most hated fighters on the MMA circuit.

    Personally, I think he’s got it going on.

    That’s just me, though; his detractors, on the other hand, would pay an arm and a leg to see him put to sleep.

    Whether that will ever happen is another thing altogether.

3. Michael Bisping

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    “The Count” Bisping is no stranger to controversy—the “Spitbing” debacle being one of his most infamous out of body experiences.

    Besides that, the Brit-born brawler just comes across as downright obnoxious.

    Bisping did, however, get his comeuppance at the historic UFC 100 event, when Dan Henderson unleashed his famous “H-Bomb” onto his inviting chin, sending him into a convulsive, comatose wreck.

    Henderson followed that up with another peach of a punch just for good measure.

    We’d pay to see that a million times over and then some.

    Still, it didn’t make much of a difference to The Count’s demeanor—he is still the same old Bisping.

2. Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Patrick Sonnen is an entertainer and a fighter, but which comes first is open for discussion.

    He’s insulted nations—Canada for one, but most notably Brazil and its fighters—Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, the Nogueira brothers and Lyoto Machida.

    Take nothing away from the man, Uncle Chael has entertainment value in abundance, but he also rubs people the wrong way.

    I assume some fans are secretly praying that Mark Munoz destroys Sonnen at UFC on Fox 2, to book his spot for a showdown with Anderson Silva later this year in Brazil.

    And if that doesn’t transpire, then any beatdown he receives will be gladly appreciated and to boot, paid for on a regular basis.

1. Nick Diaz

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    Stockton’s most raucous native, the 209 son is just a bad-ass personified.

    Diaz is a law unto himself— he was bounced from the main event of UFC 137 for failing to attend several press junkets leading up to his fight with Georges St. Pierre.

    Still, following an injury to St. Pierre which scuppered the main event, Diaz took center stage and went on to upend B.J. Penn with most having written his epitaph.

    Diaz is also an accident waiting happen—his post-fight hospital scuffle with Joe Riggs and the Nashville Brawl are just a few.

    His “I don’t give a damn” attitude and his tendency for unlimited profanity has some of the MMA populace up in arms.

    His haters would pay through the roof to witness Diaz get thoroughly steamrolled again and again and again.


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