8 Current NFL Players Perfect for Studio Jobs

Gordon BlockContributor IIIJanuary 11, 2012

8 Current NFL Players Perfect for Studio Jobs

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    It's a shame that retirement for most of us isn't quite like what it can be for noteworthy NFL players. With the exception of champion race horses, few professions reward their best after their time in the spotlight like pro football.

    This is most evident in the job opportunities that just so happen to become available for freshly retired players. People like football, and networks need fresh faces to break down the action before, during and after games. Some of the best candidates to explain the game are the ones who just finished playing it.

    With that in mind, here are eight prime candidates to make the jump from the playing field to the world of sportscasting. In addition to breaking down their positive qualities, this list will also propose shows that would benefit from their presence.

Peyton Manning

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    Few players can claim a level of football knowledge quite like Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

    One of the positive faces of the league, Manning could be able to bridge the gap between football experts and the casual fan looking to increase their pigskin IQ. Watching him break down footage of plays, there's no doubt everybody would come out a bit smarter for having listened in. 

    Look for him to be around TV for a long time, like fellow quarterback and excellent game evaluator Ron Jaworski.

    Best show: NFL Matchup

Tony Gonzalez

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    One of the elder statesmen of the game, Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez has a great ability to break down the day-to-day struggles of his position (as he does in this clip).

    He's also not afraid to speak candidly about his personal life, as he did in talking about his opportunity to spend a summer in Mexico to learn to speak Spanish.

    Gonzalez would be a good fit on the NFL Network, who seems to thrive with analysts who have a sense of humor.

    Best show: NFL Gameday

Tom Brady

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    The perfect mix of good looks, intelligence, personality and good looks, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seems like the perfect fit to be on televisions across the land.

    One of the more polished players in the game, he would be a good fit with the crew at NBC, one of the more polished Sunday football programs around.

    Most impressively, Brady is able to show respect and praise to rival players who would take credit from him. Unlike many of the close-minded analysts on television now, he might surprise people with how he looks at players and games.

    Best show: Football Night in America  

Chris Kluwe

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    Why can't a punter get in on the action?

    Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is one of the fresh voices in the league today, and has no problem giving a kick in the butt when he sees something that doesn't sit right. 

    He's already shown himself to be a strong writer, penning this cool piece for Deadspin about the lockout and the value of his position on an NFL team.

    He could be a good fit for a lesser network looking for a different voice in its coverage.

    Best show: Comcast Sports Net

Arian Foster

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    While he may not be the best person to break down fantasy football, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is all business when it comes to reviewing his game and how his team could perform at its best.

    That kind of outlook would be much appreciated, especially on the CBS game coverage known for being slightly more serious than its main broadcast rival Fox.

    The good news: It looks like he has a TV-ready wardrobe set to go.

    Best Show: CBS' The NFL Today

Ricky Williams

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    Amongst the never ending chuckle fests and dancing robot gimmicks lies a place for more serious debate when it comes to the game of football.

    In this place of deep thought and introspection could be Baltimore Ravens running back Ricky Williams.

    In addition to helping himself to more fully explore his playing career, his time on television could bring awareness to the stress and pain that come while playing the game.

    Best of all, Williams would present analysis from a place of love (as this clip would suggest), and how can you say no to that?


    Best show: Real Sports on HBO

Chad Ochocinco

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    Fox's pregame show has complete domination over the competition when it comes to the number of laugh out loud moments per minute. To call it a laugh riot is an understatement. Consider it more like a laugh uprising or laugh anarchy.

    With that in mind, a guy like New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco would be a natural fit in this group of jokesters.

    I'm sure as we speak Terry Bradshaw is coming up with 85 ways that Chad could fit in with the group. You see what he did. Ocho-cinco is another way of saying 8-5….so it works on multiple levels (insert four minutes of laughter from the panel).

    Best Show: Fox NFL Sunday

Ray Lewis

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    He may not have a spotless past, but Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has become the league's public face of intimidation and for good defense.

    Why not pair him with another NFL defensive great, Warren Sapp? 

    The contrast in their styles and overall demeanor could make for some very interesting television.

    Best Show: NFL Gameday