WWE Fantasy: NXT 1/17

Michael BroughtonAnalyst IJanuary 17, 2012

WWE Fantasy: NXT 1/17

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    Hey folks, and welcome to the first edition of NXT Fantasy. While Fantasy Raw and Smackdown have been around for a few weeks, this is the first time a Fantasy NXT is being posted. Hope you enjoy!

    Don't forget to comment at the end of the show with any questions, suggestions and/or criticism.

    Now onto the show...

    The intro rolls and it is time for NXT!

Opening Segment

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    The start the show, Matt Striker is in the ring with a microphone.

    Matt: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to NXT. Tonight is a special night, because we will find out who our new general manger is! It m—

    Johnny Curtis' music hits and he comes out with Maxine and another guy. He grabs a mic.

    Johnny: As most of you know, I am Johnny Curtis, the only real star here on NXT. I am the best wrestler to ever compete on this show, and I continue to prove it. Now, Matt, please tell me who are new GM is so he can trade me to Raw or Smackdown, where I belong. 

    Matt: I'm sorry to tell you this, Johnny, but I am unaware of who the new general manager is. All I know is that he or she will be coming tonight.

    Johnny: How can this be? I refuse to be on this show any longer. I can't take the incompetent wannabes on this show like you. How long was your WWE career again? However, I have more important business to get to. This man beside me is Big E. Langston. He is my personal assistant and the newest addition to the NXT roster.

    Matt: It's funny you say that, because tonight, you two will be in a tag team match against Percy Watson and his former pro, the returning MVP!!

    Johnny: It doesn't matter who we are facing, Matt. Together, Big E. and I are the most unstoppable force to ever be on this sad excuse for a show.

    Johnny leads the other two away with a cocky and arrogant look on his face.

Match No. 1: Derrick Bateman and Byron Saxton vs. ???

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    Derrick and Byron come out first, and Derrick is holding a mic.

    Derrick: Tonight, me and Byron don't even know who we are facing. We haven't been able to properly prepare, while our opponents knew who they were going up against. But it doesn't matter. With my leadership, Byron and I will take down any team that steps in this ring with us!

    Suddenly, the sound of machine guns hits and out comes the Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley)!

    Byron and Bateman are shocked! Shelley and Saxton start out in the ring. The bell sounds and the match begins.

    Alex quickly hits a dropkick on Byron. When Saxton gets up, Shelley nails an overhead belly-to-back suplex, sending Byron crashing down. Alex then gets on the apron and promptly nails a slingshot elbow drop. He goes for the cover. One...two...kick out!

    Saxton just kicks out in time. Shelley continues the offense, though. When Byron pulls himself up, Alex nails a step-up enzuigiri. Meanwhile, Sabin is in the corner, begging to be tagged in. Shelly obliges, bringing his partner in to the match. Chris immediately hits a springboard leg drop. When Byron gets up, Sabin goes for a kick to the gut but is caught. However, Chris reverses it into an inverted dragon whip. He picks Byron up and is going for Over Easy, but Byron slithers out and hits a hard clothesline. Saxton quickly starts some offense, nailing a dropkick.

    It looks as if he is going to the top rope, but Derrick demands to be tagged in. Byron gives in, and Bateman gets in the match for the first time. Instead of going after Sabin, Derrick taunts the crowd, thinking that Chris is down and out. However, when he turns around, Sabin nails a super kick. Chris tags in Shelley and they hit their patented Thunder Express. Alex makes the cover, and Byron doesn't even try to break up the count. One...two...three!!!


    The Machine Guns celebrate their debut victory, while Byron walks away without tending to Derrick. 

Match No. 2: Caylee Turner vs. Sofia Cortez

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    Ivelisse Velez comes down to the ring first with a mic in her hand.

    Ivelsse: When I was part of Tough Enough, I was undoubtedly the best woman on the show. I should have won and been rewarded a WWE contract, but the judges saw my injury as a weakness. Due to that mishap, I had to fight even harder to make it here. However, now that I am a part of the NXT roster, I will go by the name of Sofia Cortez. I am n—

    The song "Blow" from Kesha goes off, and former Tough Enough competitor Christina Crawford comes out.

    Christina: Many of you knew me as Christina Crawford back when I was on Tough Enough. But those days are behind me. You may now refer to me as Caylee Turner! However, that isn't why I'm out here. Sofia, you claim that you were the best woman on Tough Enough? Well, it seems as though you forgot that I too was a contestant on the show. I actually lasted longer than you.

    Sofia: I was eliminated because of my injury. You know I was better than you, but you're too much of a coward to admit it.

    Caylee: I'm sick of you running you're mouth, and I am going to put and end to it. You say you are better than me. So now you are going to have to put your money where your mouth is, right now!!

    Caylee gets in the ring with Sofia and the match begins.

    Sofia quickly locks in a headlock, followed up with a headlock takedown. After about a minute, Caylee rises and breaks out with repeated elbows. Seeing the opportunity, Turner bounces off the ropes and connects with a hard clothesline. Caylee then hits a springboard moonsault and goes for the cover. One...two...kick out!

Match No. 2: Caylee Truner vs. Sofia Cortez (Part 2)

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    When Cortez stands, Turner hits a hard dropkick. Sofia once again gets to her feet, but Caylee hits a stiff kick, followed by knee drop bulldog. Seeing the opportunity, Turner gets to the top rope and goes for a senton bomb. However, Sofia slides out of the way. When Caylee gets up, Sofia hits a springboard tornado ddt and makes the pin. One...two...three!!!

    Cortez celebrates her great win, but she isn't finished. She gets up on the top rope and hits a diving leg drop. Caylee is down and out as Sofia makes her way back to the locker room. 

Promo No. 1: In-Ring Segment

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    A somewhat familiar theme song hits, and out comes Austin Aries!! He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Austin: When I ditched TNA for WWE, I expected to win championships. I expected to become a household name. I expected to earn millions. Instead, I'm stuck on this crap called NXT. I was the best TNA had to offer and I deserve better than this. There is nobody on this roster that can stop me. I am the most must-see superstar to ever set foot in a ring. I—

    He is interrupted by a man who was once known as Elijah Burke, D'angelo Dinero.

    D'angelo: Austin, I was listening to you in the back, and most of what you said is very true. I agree that you are one of the best and should be in championship contention. However, there is one thing you got wrong. You said that nobody on this roster can stop you. I'm not sure if you heard the news, but I also signed a contract with NXT!

    Austin: Dinero, your second run with WWE will be the same as the first. You are nothing but a failure. You don't hold a candle to my ability. When I say nobody can stop me, that includes you.

    D'angelo: If you feel that way, then why don't you back up your talk right now!

    Austin: Slow down Pope! I am not prepared for a match tonight. You want a shot at me, you will get it, but not here and not now.

    D'angelo: That truly is vintage Austin Aries. You run your mouth, and then you back out. I'm coming for you Austin, and you can't hide forever!

    The Pope walks away as Austin stares at him with disgust.

Match No. 3: Titus O'Neil vs. Jacob Novak

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    Jacob Novak comes down to the ring first, and he has a mic in his hand.

    Jacob: I have been a competitor on NXT on two separate occasions. Both times, you people voted me off first. You people thought that I was the worst competitor on this show, and I am out to prove that you are all wrong about me. I should have won NXT and gone on to main event pay-per-views, but instead I was sent away. Now I'm back and I am hungry! Th—

    Titus O'Neil interrupts him and he too has a mic.

    Titus: Jacob, I too was eliminated the first time I was part of NXT. However, instead of complaining, I came back and made an impact. It is time you stopped blaming these people and take a look in the mirror. 

    Jacob: Did you just compare yourself to me? On my worst day I'm 10 times the wrestler you will ever be. And I am going to prove it right now!

    Titus gets in the ring and prepares for the match. The referee rings the bell and the two men lock up. Jacob starts out with a kick to the gut, followed by a swinging neck breaker. Novak then picks O'Neil up and hits a sidewalk slam. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out.

    Titus gets to his feet, but Jacob nails him with a big boot to the head. O'Neil once again gets up, and Jacob goes for a clothesline. However, Titus reverses it into a hangman's flapjack. When Jacob recovers, O'Neil connects with a huge flying clothesline. Titus then picks Novak up and hits a pendulum backbreaker. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Titus is shocked but continues his offense, going for a shoulder breaker. Jacob is able to slide out, and when Titus turns around, Novak connects with a spine buster. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out! 

Match No. 3: Titus O'Neil vs. Jacob Novak (Part 2)

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    Jacob is shocked but continues his offense. Novak picks Titus up and has him in position for a power bomb, but Titus falls forward and makes a roll-up pin. One...two...three!!!

    Jacob kicks out just after the count. He is shocked and begins to argue with the ref. Titus, meanwhile, celebrates his huge win. Frustrated by the loss, Novak attacks Titus from behind. Jacob then hits O'Neil with a power bomb. Novak leaves the ring with a frustrated look on his face.

Match No. 4: Darren Young vs. Finley vs. Dante Dash

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    Dante Dash is in the ring, and he is holding a microphone. 

    Dante: Ladies and gents, my name is Dante Dash. I know most of you people don't know who I am but in a matter of weeks, I will become a household name. I know you all think I'm crazy, but I am an honest man. I don't need you people to win, and I don't care about you people. All I care about is winning championships and imprinting my name in WWE history. And I will start tonight by winning by debut match. So b—

    "My name is Finley and I love to fight." The returning Finley comes out to a great reaction and gets in the ring.

    The two are prepared to fight until the song "Rise Up" by Disciple hits and Darren Young comes out.

    Darren: Hate to tell you, Dante, but you will have to beat me also, because this match is a triple threat!

    Darren gets in the ring and the ref calls for the bell to ring. It seems as if Finley and Darren are going to team up against Dash, until Young nails a kick to Finley's torso, followed by a DDT. Dante smiles and picks Finley up over his shoulder. Darren bounces off the ropes and hits an elevated neck breaker. Dante then locks in a dragon sleeper, or what he calls Dante's Wish. Finley has nowhere to go and taps out.  


    Dante continues to apply the dragon sleeper even though the match is over. Though Darren Young lost, he is happily taunting the crowd. Finley eventually passes out. Young then picks the Irish superstar up and nails a gut buster. Both Darren and Dante taunt the grounded Finley, who is left writhing in pain.

Promo No. 2: MVP and Percy Watson Backstage

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    Backstage, Scott Stanford is with MVP and Percy Watson.

    Scott: Tonight, the new general manager for NXT will be revealed. Do either of you know who it could possibly be?

    MVP: We have no idea, but we don't care. All Percy and I care about is our match in the main event.

    Percy: Yeah, Montel is right. I have had enough of Johnny Curtis and it is time someone shut his mouth. 

    Scott: I understand that, but Johnny's not alone. He has got Bi—

    MVP: It doesn't matter who his partner is. Percy ad I are gonna go out their and put a beating on both men!

    Scott: Thanks for your time, guys.

    Percy: No problem, Scott.

Match No. 5: Lucky Cannon vs. Eli Cottonwood

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    Eli Cottonwood is out first, and he is completely serious. Lucky Cannon is out afterwards, but he is dragged out by officials. He obviously doesn't want to face the monstrous Cottonwood.

    The ref rings the bell and the match begins. Lucky runs at Eli, but he's sent straight down with a huge boot from Cottonwood. Eli makes the cover. One...two...three!!!

    Eli's expression doesn't change as he leaves the ring. Meanwhile, the ref tends to Lucky inside the ring. 

Main Event: Johnny Curtis and Big E. Langston vs. MVP and Percy Watson

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    Johnny and Big. E. come out first with Maxine, and they are bombarded with boos. MVP and Percy come out next to a pretty good reaction.

    Big E. and MVP start out in the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Big E. immediately nails a huge clothesline. When Montel gets back to his feet, Langston connects with a few shoulder blocks. Big E. then picks MVP up and hits a fallaway slam. Langston follows it up with a big splash and a pin. One...two...kick out. 

    Big E. looks likes he is going for another big move, but changes his mind and tags in Curtis. Montel runs at him, but Johnny connects with a back elbow. Curtis then gets on the top rope and goes for a leg drop. However, MVP slides out of the way, sending Johnny crashing to the mat. Montel is able to tag in Percy, who immediately goes after the grounded Curtis. Watson waits for Johnny to get to his feet and then nails repeated dropkicks. He then makes the pin on Curtis. One...two...kick out!

    Percy goes for a clothesline when Curtis gets up, but Johnny reverses it into a hip toss, followed by a sitout suplex slam. Johnny goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!

    Curtis is shocked but continues to work. He drags Watson over to Langston and makes the tag. Johnny exposes the ribs of Percy, while Big E. nails repeated punches and kicks to the torso. Langston then hits Watson with a belly-to-back suplex. Big E. then goes for a powerslam, but Percy wiggles out and runs over to tag MVP. Montel goes right after Langston, hitting countless punches.  He then bounces off the rope and hits a flying forearm smash. MVP goes for his signature Playmaker, but Big E. rolls out of it and hits a short-arm clothesline. Langston then tags in his partner. Johnny runs over and connects with a Johnny Kick. He goes for the pin. One...two...kick out!!

Main Event: Johnny Curtis and Big E. Langston vs. MVP and Percy Watson (Cont.)

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    Curtis is frustrated but gets up on the top rope. However, Montel takes his legs out from under him. MVP then follows it up with a superplex and a pin. One...two...Langston breaks it up!

    Big E. charges in the ring and starts pounding on Montel. Percy tries to take him out but misses with a dropkick. When Watson stands up, Big E. sends him over the top rope with a clothesline, and then follows him to the outside. 

    Suddenly, bells begin to ring. A limo comes out and the man inside is the new general manager, JBL. Layfield goes down to the ring and begins to yell at MVP. Montel is distracted long enough for Curtis to get up. When MVP turns around, Johnny hits a DDT before heading to the top rope. Curtis nails a leg drop and makes the cover. One...two...three!!!

    Johnny is confused by JBL's actions but celebrates, nonetheless. Layfield gets in the ring and raises Johnny's hand. Maxine, Big E., Johnny Curtis and JBL all celebrate in the middle of the ring together.

    It seems that a new stable is forming as the night comes to a close. 


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    That's all, folks. Thanks for reading the first edition of Fantasy NXT! Don't forget to comment below with any suggestions, questions and/or criticism.

    Hope you enjoyed Fantasy NXT! Tune in next week to see what happens next.

    That's all she wrote!