WWE Royal Rumble 2012: CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler Is Going to Steal the Show

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 14, 2012

Image Courtesy of: wwehunks.com
Image Courtesy of: wwehunks.com

Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk: a dream matchup of sorts.

Of all the possibilities on the current roster, this might just be the greatest one. Well, besides the much touted and cried for Daniel Bryan vs. Punk match.

Ziggler and Punk are two of the best wrestlers in the company. They shine as wrestlers who can give any fan a show. Neither are massive high-flyers or master technicians. They just get it done in the ring no matter what style is needed.

At the Royal Rumble, these two face off in the fourth confrontation between the two stars. Yes, it seems like a few too many times, but one was a gauntlet match and the other merely brought us to this one.

Plus why tire of true, great wrestling?

The pay-per-view, the Royal Rumble, is known for its namesake: the Royal Rumble match which will always be a fun contest.

This year though, just as last year with Ziggler and Edge, the match everyone will remember at the end of the night won't be just the Rumble. Punk and Ziggler will go out there and not only succeed in the big match, but steal the show.

Many matches have tried to steal the thunder of the Rumble match, but they usually fail due to big-time returns or the implications of the win in the Rumble. It also helps that the Rumble match is almost always a good match to see.

However, a Rumble match will never beat out a truly great singles match, and you can bet that Ziggler and Punk will go out there and give the audience something to remember.

They know what they are up against. They are not just wrestling for a title. They are wrestling to steal the show.

This is the biggest opportunity of Ziggler's career. If he can prove now that he deserves to be competing at that top level, he will soon see that WWE gold around his waist. If he is overlooked, he might fall just as hard as he did last time because the WWE always seems to be fickle in this sense.

With that in mind, Punk won't let himself be overshadowed as champion in his first Big Four title defense. He will fight with everything he has to prove that he deserves to be recognized as WWE Champion.

Together, their drive and ability will sway the audience, the fans at home, and the backstage locker room. Together, they will steal the show and make everyone remember the Royal Rumble regardless of how good the Rumble match is.