What LSU and 'Bama Taught Us After the 2012 BCS National Championship Game

Ted Lee@@RealLedTeeCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2012

What LSU and 'Bama Taught Us After the 2012 BCS National Championship Game

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    The college football season is over and the Alabama Crimson Tide have been crowned national champions after shutting out LSU, 21-0. 

    Controversy surrounded this year's championship game between LSU and 'Bama. Questions like why should there be a rematch, would a rematch be interesting and does Oklahoma State deserve a shot were asked since the Conference Championships were over. 

    After the Tide's dominant performance Monday night, the public audience learned many things from watching the game. 

    Here is what we learned... 

1. LSU Was Not Deserving of the No. 1 Ranking

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    I know, easy to say now that they got shut out right? I was one of those people that knew all along LSU was never deserving of the No. 1 ranking, regardless of how they played in the season. 

    Critics can talk about how the Tigers beat Alabama at Tuscaloosa back on November 5. I can tell them how LSU won in overtime, how the Tide missed four field goals and how LSU could not get their offense going.

    LSU's struggling offense was a sign that they were not deserving of the No. 1 ranking. LSU was only challenged by a good defense twice in the season by the Tide and Bulldogs, the latter running out of energy in the second half where LSU capitalized.

    Their lack of offense was finally revealed to the nation in the Championship game, when Jordan Jefferson was lost the whole time. 

    I believe if Jarrett Lee played the remainder of the season, LSU would have been deserving and have a better chance to win than Jefferson. Jefferson and the ground game was not established, why not take a chance and put in Lee?

    LSU has a top defense, but that is not enough to make up for their offense.

2. Les Miles May Be a Defensive Genius, but He Is Offensively Challenged

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    Les Miles is a great coach. He may do weird things, forget some things, but he is a great coach. 

    With that being said, Miles needs help with offensive strategies.

    It seemed the whole game the Tigers were just jumping from strategy to strategy, not settling on one. It looked like they didn't know what they should call in certain situations, and the plays that followed showed it.

3. A.J. McCarron Established Himself as a Leader

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    I knew A.J. McCarron was going to be the key to Alabama's success Monday night, but I didn't expect him to play as good as he played.

    Completing 23-of-34 for 234 yards, McCarron was calm and collected, looking like a senior when in reality he is a sophomore playing his first season as a starter. 

    This is bad news for opponents next year, as McCarron will be confident as ever and more experienced. Look for Nick Saban to let McCarron pass more if running back Trent Richardson decides to enter the draft.

4. Nick Saban Is the Best Coach in College Football Right Now

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    Is there an argument to this one?

    Saban showed why he was the best Monday night, calling the right plays at the right time. He knew LSU was going to prepare more for Trent Richardson, so he prepared A.J. McCarron during the layoff. First play of the game was a play-action pass that the LSU defense had no idea was coming.

    Two National Championships in three years is no small feat and Saban made it look easy.

5. Playoffs Must Be Implemented

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    Let's face it, there's too many irrelevant bowl games and too much controversy with the current system. 

    This year the National Championship drew the lowest ever BCS title rating. This was probably because no one was interested in a rematch so soon from a November 5 game coined "The Game of the Century," where they knew it was going to be all defense. 

    People wanna watch an unstoppable force against an immovable object, and with a playoff system this would have been possible. A playoff system also would ultimately prove who is No. 1 and No. 2 in the nation. 

    Bowl games other than the BCS bowl games only help the advertisers of the bowl games. I'm sure teams would rather prefer to play in a bracket for a BCS bowl bid rather than play in the Little Caesars Bowl.

    Honestly, who wouldn't love to see Oklahoma State against Alabama?