Tim Tebow: Not a Quarterback or a Running Back, but His Own Unique Position

Scotty McGrawCorrespondent IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Tebow leaving the tunnel against the Miami Dolphins
Tebow leaving the tunnel against the Miami DolphinsMarc Serota/Getty Images

Quarterback Tim Tebow has brought the Denver Broncos back to life. This offseason, critics were basically destroying Tebow and commenting negatively on his playing style, throwing motion and passing continuously.

But after a lifeless 1-4 start to this season under Kyle Orton, Tebow came into the picture. He had a miraculous season debut against the Miami Dolphins, overcoming a 15-point fourth quarter deficit and winning in overtime.

A week later, Tebow got whooped by the Detroit Lions, and once again critics were all over him.

A week after their Detroit game, the Broncos continued to pull out unlikely comebacks for the most part of the season. They went on a hot streak, and seemed unstoppable until they played the New England Patriots.

They played at a high level in the first quarter, but their play decreased and they eventually lost the ball game. Denver lost two more following that game.

However, in the struggling AFC West division, the Broncos found themselves in the playoffs. Against Pittsburgh in the AFC Wild Card game, they thrilled the crowd with their fourth OT win of the season. Tebow had a career game, as he threw for over 300 yards against a fabulous defense.

Even though Tebow put up those Quarterback-like numbers, he should not be counted as a Quarterback respectably. Nor should he be called a Fullback. Tebow is his own position. He throws solidly, but also grounds and pounds like he plays in the 1920s.

He plays football so uniquely that he can't be categorized. You could say Michael Vick plays his own unique position, but that would be wrong. He is a Quarterback with lightning speed. Tebow, however, has the qualities of a Quarterback, Fullback, Tailback and Tight End.

Tebow is a proven asset for the Broncos, and he is a dangerous threat in the playoffs for the sole reason that there is no other player in the entire league who can simulate how he plays.

This week in his rematch against the Patriots, he also faces one of the NFL's best innovators in the history of the league again, that being Bill Belichick.

Tebow's style is unpredictable, and it will be a fantastic matchup to see how Belichick responds to Tebow's success last week.