Shortest Fuses in College Basketball History

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2012

Shortest Fuses in College Basketball History

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    College basketball is a sport of passion, a sport of drive and sometimes a sport of motivation.

    All of these things can drive out a temper by a coach, player or announcer, or sometimes, this person will just get off too easily with excitement.

    With so many characters in this sport, it's hard to narrow down the ones with the shortest fuses, but here my list of the shortest fuses in college basketball.

Gus Johnson

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    So Gus is something else. You either love him or hate him, but you have to give it to Gus, he brings an excitement to the broadcast like no other.

    Whether it is his excitement after a big play, or his one-liners that really get you going, Gus brings a whole different dynamic to the game of college basketball.

    It's a tragedy that Gus will not be a part of the CBS tournament coverage this season; it won't be the same without him.

Bo Ryan

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    Bo Ryan is one of the scariest individuals in the world of sports. He is one of those guys you don't want to get on the wrong side of, especially if you are wearing black and white stripes.

    Bo is known for getting a few technical fouls every season, and tends to whine after his star player is touched in any form.

    What really puts Bo on this list, however, is how fast he gets super mad. There is hardly a game when he doesn't blow up on someone. 

Joakim Noah

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    Noah was known for his fiery career during his playing time at Florida. He seemed to always get ticked off at something little and even picked up a few technical fouls along the way.

    That is what got Noah on this list. I can't remember a player who played with as much fire as Noah. 

Frank Martin

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    Frank Martin has a short fuse, and it's quite hilarious. Seeing him coach at practice is so entertaining. Sometimes it's confusing to see, as you might mistake it for a boot camp.

    Martin is as strait-laced as they come, and it's pretty hilarious to watch him coach and blow up. 

Jim Calhoun

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    Calhoun is a crazy coach. He gets mad and it's known if you play for him, you are going to take some serious criticism. 

    Calhoun is known for getting under guys' skin and going hard on the zebras as well.

Renardo Sidney

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    Sidney is going to be on this list due to his temper, on and off the court. By now, you have surely seen the fight with Sidney in the stands.

    This man is a ticking time bomb. Don't get in his way or he might just drop the hammer on you. 

Jerry Tarkanian

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    Although his buddy Bob Knight is a lot more known, Tark is a crazy man. He was known for doing some crazy stuff during games and losing his temper on and off the court.

    Tark was great for basketball and was very successful at what he did. He even successfully settled with the NCAA for damages for over $2 million. 

Dicky V

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    Dicky V is excitable and lovable, he loves his Dukies, but the guy really does know a thing or two about college basketball.

    What makes Dicky V so great is the fact that he gets so excited so fast. It's different than Gus, but he is great in his own way. 

Xavier and Cincinnati Basketball Teams

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    Okay, so this is a joke, but still, watch the video. There is no place for this in college hoops.

Bobby Knight

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    Of course, The General is No. 1. He was known for everything, from throwing chairs to choking players, but he will always be known as one of the greatest of all time.

    Knight may have been unorthodox, and may not have been loved by everyone, but he was a heck of a basketball coach.