DDP on Chris Jericho: 'He Didn't Think He Was Going to Be Able to Come Back'

Steven MuehlhausenContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

When you think of Diamond Dallas Page, you think the Diamond Cutter, the master of the self high-five and Kimberly, who at the time was his wife and the former three-time WCW Champion, WWE Superstar and a very brief run in TNA.

Yoga? That is the last thing you would expect from a pro wrestler. Apparently, they aren't DDP.

Page got introduced to yoga by Kimberly to continue his wrestling career in WCW, as it looked like his career was over. He was willing try anything, and yoga saved his career. Now, with his career over, DDP altered the techniques and now calls it DDP Yoga. One of the guys he helped out was Chris Jericho, who recently returned to the WWE.

Page on Jericho after he did a testimonial on DDPYoga.com after Jericho did one of the workouts:

"Jericho gave a testimony saying DDPYoga changed my life after one of our workouts," Page told me. "It was powerful for me for him to do that. They (doctors) said Chris Jericho had a herniated L4 and he was done and he came back with my workout.

"He texted me last night and said Santino (Marella) wants to do your workout. He said, 'I'm gunna get the whole locker room to do it."

"He (Jericho) did not think he was going to be able to come abck. Within two weeks (after starting DDPYoga) he was already feeling, 'wait a minute, I think I'm gunna be able to do this,' and then five weeks, that's when he put that testimonial that changed my life and I'm virtually pain free. Today, he's completely pain free."

Page also broached a couple wrestling subjects, and here's what he said regarding Brock Lesnar, as Lesnar retired from the UFC recently and has been rumored to be returning to the WWE.

"I was the first top name he attacked from behind after I hit someone with the Diamond Cutter," Page said. "He was amazing. Him coming back to the WWE is money; he's money in the WWE. I would like to see him back there."

Page won the U.S. title from Curt Henning at Starrcade "97 and had very high praise for the late Henning, who passed away in 2003.

"The greatest athlete in our business, ever," Page said.

The feud that Page on the map was his feud with Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Page has fond memories of Savage, who passed last May in an auto accident.

"Without Dusty Rhoades originally, there's no Diamond Dallas Page. Without Kevin (Nash) and Scott (Hall), letting me be the guy to drop them when the NWO was crazy and on fire was huge for me. But Randy Savage wrestling me and putting me over with the Diamond Cutter. No one told Randy, 'Ok, you're going to have to put Dallas over.' If Randy didn't want you to go over and win the match, you didn't. It was as simple as that. He was really great to me. If he never put me over at Spring Stampede, I'd never have the career I have right now, and I know that."

People come up to Page all the time and wonder if he will ever come back. Page gave an interesting take on if and who he'd like to face.

"I just signed a WWE legends deal," Page said. "I don't see me anything back in the ring, but as a you know, a wrestler is never really not a wrestler. The only person I would even entertain wanting to work with would be Orton because it is a natural finish vs finish. RKO vs Diamond Cutter, and I think we can have some real good fun with that."

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