NHL: Forsberg unlikely to return to NHL this year

Kieran HaweAnalyst IFebruary 18, 2008

Peter Forsberg, a former NHL MVP, and one of the greatest international players of all-time is unlikely to play in the NHL this season. Forsberg, who has been bothered by foot and ankle injuries the past few years, is going to continue to recover and decide in the off-season what his next steps are.

“The prospect of Peter having enough confidence about the foot/skate issue to play for the rest of the NHL season does not look good at this time,” Forsberg’s agent said. “As a result, the teams have been advised that it is unlikely he will return to the NHL this season.”

Forsberg was being courted by numerous teams including the Ducks, Stars, Red Wings, Predators, Flames, Penguins, Sharks, Flyers, Avalanche, Senators, Canucks, Blackhawks and Wild.

Forsberg won two Stanley Cups with the Colorado Avalanche and helped Sweden win the Olympic Gold Medal in 1994 and 2006. When healthy his stats are nothing less then impressive, 248 goals and 623 assists over an 11 year span . Forsberg was the 6th overall pick in the 1991 NHL Draft.