WWE SmackDown: Can Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater Help Each Other?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2012

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com

Last week on SmackDown, we saw the possible planting of seeds for a feud between former tag-team champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

Slater was in an over-the-top rope challenge with Hornswoggle (which Hornswoggle won) last week when this all started.

After the match was over, Slater proceeded to attack Hornswoggle, but Gabriel ran out to make the save. He quickly downed Slater and then delivered his signature 450 splash.

This move always gets the crowds excited, because it is a very impressive move which WWE does not allow just anyone to do.

Gabriel is a very talented high-flier who has been poorly used ever since he turned face and broke off from The Corre. Slater has suffered the same lack of push as well.

While Slater has remained a heel since leaving the group, he has been on a downward slope. He is sparingly used, and when he is he generally loses.

The One Man Southern Rock Band needs to either change his gimmick or improve it. He is not exciting enough to call himself a one man rock band of any kind.

The two were decent as a team, but they both were clearly looking to be singles stars. Having both been on NXT, they have a history going back to their very first days in WWE, which is key for making a good rivalry.

Slater could deliver promos about how he felt Gabriel was holding him back while Gabriel could claim Slater was the weak link in the team.

I am not expecting these two to jump into the main event scene after this feud, but hopefully it will increase the visibility of both men.

Slater may not be super exciting, but he is pretty reliable in the ring, and a decent feud with a talented foe could be the key to him getting over.

Gabriel always gets a nice pop when he does the 450, but he needs more than one move to make him a legitimate superstar.

I am looking for this feud to continue this week on SmackDown and hopefully for at least a few weeks beyond.

What do you think? Can Gabriel and Slater help each other? Or are they both destined to be low card wrestlers in WWE?