Chris Jericho Is Back, Different and Rather Interesting, but Who Is 'She'?

Dolla Bil FacciponteContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

The WWE's partnership with Twitter has become quite bothersome for many fans. Every week during WWE programming, aside from Michael Cole's constant ramblings of WWE terms trending worldwide, a small Twitter-style box appears on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, also informing you of the top trends. As time progressed, people started to ignore these boxes, until we neared the end of 2011.

On November 21, 2011, what appeared to be a glitch started showing up in the Twitter-style box. When looking closely, we saw it contained a link ( When going to the video, we saw a very cryptic message of "his return on the first day of 2012" being told by a young boy in a classroom. As the weeks progressed, the videos gave very little hints as to who was "returning to claim what was his." To make things more confusing, a little girl started to appear in the videos with the boy claiming "she holds the answer to my return." This lead many people to believe the return of a male and female, most notably Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

As we now know, and as many have speculated, Chris Jericho was the man behind the cryptic videos, as he made his return to Monday Night Raw on January 2. He was greeted by a very loud, welcoming ovation from the WWE Universe and cut one of the most mind-blowing promos. Did he say why he was back? Did he say he was coming for the title? No. He said nothing. More importantly, there was absolutely no acknowledgement of the little girl from the video.

Last night, John Lauranitis hinted on Twitter that Y2J would speak, but as we saw last night, that was certainly not the case. Jericho came out and cut the exact same promo from the week before, leaving the WWE fans scratching their heads. 

We expect a program between Jericho and CM Punk to begin, leading to a WrestleMania match. However, we still need to address who "she" is.

The most likely person to be revealed as "she" is Stephanie McMahon. 

First of all, there is no woman who the WWE Universe is familiar with that would make sense to return. Also, reports have begun circulating of Stephanie becoming somewhat of a gym rat. She could just be getting back in shape after having gone through pregnancy, or she could be getting ready for a return to the screen.

Let's look back to the "Summer of Punk." Stephanie and Punk had some backstage interactions that were less-than-friendly. When she disappeared, no one thought anymore of it. However, it could have just been the start to what should be an incredible 2012 for WWE.

Stephanie's heel return makes perfect sense, and it seems as though a new, higher-power stable could be forming. CM Punk and Johnny Ace, who is seen texting for 80 percent of the show, have a current feud going on as wrestler vs. management. CM Punk made several unflattering remarks to/about Stephanie and her family. Jericho will be heading into a program, possibly for the WWE Championship, at WrestleMania.

Jericho is back to claim what is his. The WWE title, possibly the moves and gimmicks he claims the current roster has stolen from him.

Stephanie also has plenty to claim. The WWE appears to no longer be run by a McMahon. However, maybe she is the one our interim Raw GM is always texting and she is calling the shots. She was also disrespected by Punk and very well may have been the one to bring "The Best in the World at What He Does" to even the score.