Blue Jackets Incident Results in Ejection and Alleged Homophobic Slur

T.J. McaloonContributorJanuary 10, 2012

DENVER - MARCH 02:  Fans employ their camera phones for a captive photo op as Mike Rupp #20 and Cam Severson #24 of the Columbus Blue Jackets spend time in the penalty box against the Colorado Avalanche as the Avalanche defeated the Blue Jackets 1-0 during NHL action on March 2, 2006 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In every hockey arena across the world, there are hometown fans who yell at the visiting players when they enter the penalty box.

Almost always, those players will ignore the fans and sit in the box until their time is up. 

However, there was an alleged incident at Anaheim's Honda Center Sunday night involving the Columbus Blue Jackets that goes way past the line of respectable conduct between fans and players. 

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Greg Wyshynski, there was an Anaheim Ducks fan who was ejected from the Ducks vs. Blue Jackets game after his taunts to Blue Jackets players Derek Dorsett and Jared Boll resulted in an alleged verbal altercation from the players. 

Wyshynski received an email from the father of the fan who was kicked out of the game because of heckling the Blue Jackets players, saying (Warning: Some quotes may be offensive.):

There were two players in the box (Derek Dorsett and Derek MacKenzie) and my son stood up to heckle them.  Before he had a chance to, the security guard (Alfred) told him he had to sit down.  Ryan (my son) asked, 'What? We can't heckle the players?'  The security guard said 'you can say whatever you want, just as long as you're sitting in your seat.'  So my son sat down and started to heckle the players who were already having a hissy fit in the box.

All heckling was clean and no foul language was used on our part.  And all the fans were heckling.  The player somehow made eye contact with my son who is a big guy and when he stands up I'm sure he looks even bigger

Jared Boll entered the box and heckling continued by all the fans.  Even the lady in front of us was shaking the glass between the penalty box.  The game was stopped basically because of Boll and Dorsett going crazy (Derek MacKenzie was minding his own business the whole time.) and the NHL sent Honda Center security to escort my son out of the Rink.

At this point Dorsett called my son's friend a 'faggot' and told him to meet him outside after the game, and he was going to kick his ass.  My son's friend said nothing and is very shy.  I went to the back when security took my son back and while they were talking with him about what happened I had to use the restroom so I asked the NHL rep I think are you removing my son, and he said I'm not sure yet. I told him I had to use the restroom and when I got back he was gone and the rep was still standing there.  I asked him if I could go back in the game and he said yes go ahead.  When I got in there my wife and our friend were gone and all the fans around us said they took your wife and other son (they didn't know he was our guest) too and they didn't even do anything.  It's beyond me why they would take them out and say it was OK for me to go in.

Earlier, security had arrived to remove my son and my wife stood up and blocked my son from leaving because she knew it was bogus.  All the fans were furious that security was doing this.  Even to the point that they were yelling at security to leave.  Other fans close to us told my son not to go because he had done nothing wrong.  Eventually my son left with security and as he was leaving Boll yelled to him, 'your mom's a bitch' and squirted his water bottle through the gap in the glass.

Now, let me point out that this is just from the perspective of one fan. 

During the broadcast of the game, Fox Sports Net Ohio showed the fan being escorted out by security while giving a high-five to another fan before leaving the scene. 

According to Wyshynski in an early post about this incident, Boll denied playing a role in any instigating, saying “MacKenzie wanted a drink, so I squirted some in his direction.”

The more that this story gains attention, the more we will find out what really happened.  However, for now, these are two sides of what could be an ugly story.