Tom Renney Must Play Dan Fritsche

JKlau Sportz BroCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Another loss, and another day of anger for the fans of the New York Rangers. Every fan has a new opinion on what needs to be done for this team to get back to the top of the eastern conference, or at least stay on pace for a playoff spot. But one idea that is not getting much discussion is Dan Fritsche.

One reason his name is not on the minds, of, well anyone really, is that the last time he saw game action was the disastrous Nov. 30th, 4-0 loss on home ice to the panthers, a game I had the pleasure of attending. A game, where he was far from the teams biggest problem.

Why give Fritsche another shot though? Well, why was Petr Prucha given another shot? He hadn't registered a point before he was given another shot against Pittsburgh, when he got his first goal of the year.

He hadn't done anything else, but in the two games he was given another shot, he has two goals. Why isn't Fritsche given the same consideration? There are other players on this team that could use a few games in the press box if you ask me.

So what can Fritsche bring to the Rangers if he is given another shot? Well for starters, desire.

Watching the Rangers trail Washington 2-1 with about a minute and a half to go, I knew it was over. The team couldn't even get out of their own zone. They were getting out-worked when they had the biggest reason to work the hardest.

Not to take anything away from the Capitals, but there is no excuse for the Rangers to not have the ability to break out of their end when they trail in the last minutes. Not only could they not break out, it also looked like they didn't care if they did. Those players that we are supposed to trust in late game situations, our best players, were not playing with any desire at all.

Now add in Dan Fritsche. Here is a guy who hasn't played in over a month, and I'm sure he isn't happy about it. If he is given the chance, he will be out there, working his tail off to keep his spot in the line up. He'd be one of the few actually trying.

So if Danny goes in, who comes out? Could it be the captain, Chris Drury? He hasn't been playing so well lately. He's supposed to be the captain, but he has not lead by example, that's for sure. Still, sitting the captain might not go over so well in the locker room. Maybe Fredrik Sjostrom? While he hasn't been the biggest part of our team, and hasn't done much on the offensive side, he's been vital to the one consistently good part of the team, the penalty kill.

So who else is there? Dare I say it? Okay, here it goes. Brandon Dubinsky should sit for Dan Fritsche. Dubinsky has chipped in some assists, sure, but how often have you thought about a game afterwards and felt that Brandon Dubinsky was very good? He has no goals in his last 16 games, and just one in his last 30.

In Dan Fritsche's last game, he was one of the few players who were not a minus on the game. Dubinsky on the other hand, was a -3. So why is Fritsche the one that sits? Dubinsky has been a -5 in his last 14 games, and in just 15 games this year, Fristche was only a -2.

Now where do we put him? Well if Dubinsky comes out, then maybe Drury moves back as a center on the second line. Maybe he hasn't earned as at his natural position yet, but maybe it will also help him get there.

One line that Fritsche would work well on would be with Korpikoski and Prucha. Those are three players that play with energy, and have a little offensive touch, three guys who are all fighting to keep spots in the line up, and three guys who haven't been given a real chance this year to show their true potential.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Be sure to leave comments on what you think about it, and what ideas you have.