WWE Raw Segment Analysis II: The Kane Saga Continues but Why Zack Ryder?

Maria CaneCorrespondent IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Psychology has always been an interesting subject for me. While I am someone who has an artistic mind, it is always interesting to get inside the mind of others.

It is probably why the current angle involving Kane and John Cena is the best thing going on in WWE right now. It's one of the most interesting and complex feuds that we've had in a long while.

A few weeks ago, I did my first ever Raw segment analysis on the reasoning behind Kane targeting John Cena.

To my surprise, my conclusion on Kane's reasoning was not far off from the truth. Kane has targeted John Cena in order to get him to revitalize himself by embracing the hate.

Instead of choosing to "rise above hate" and constantly trying to repress the negativity surrounding him, Cena should rather embrace the hatred so often directed at him by WWE fans.

The past two Monday nights have seen Kane take his game of hatred boot camp to another level. He almost dragged Zack Ryder to the depths of hell and inflicted his full devilish powers.

Last night, he went after Ryder again, stalking him throughout the show. He even scared the living daylights out of Eve Torres, who was hoping to wrestle herself back into the Divas championship scene.

In the end though, Kane got his way again as he dominated both Ryder and Cena outside of the arena.

But if Kane is targeting the 10-time WWE Champion, why the emphasis on Zack Ryder and even bringing Eve to the mix? What in the world do they have to do with making John Cena embrace hate?

Let's consider such evils as abuse and addiction, shall we?

In order for addiction and abuse to completely take over a person, they have to effect the support system surrounding that person. They have to affect those closest to that person.

Kane is the addiction that is slowly affecting Cena's whole surroundings. He knows the true meaning of misery loving company.

It's one thing when Cena must endure the hatred and suffering of the Big Red Monster. But it's another thing when those he holds dear endure that hatred and suffering too.

And Kane is doing that step by step, one by one. He's already got the fans that make Cena who he is in the palm of his hand.

Now, he will go after those who help represent Cena and everything he stands for.

Zack Ryder is now a young star to millions of fans. He is gimmicky to the bone. his character his naive of any hate or true negative connotations.

The same can even be said for Eve. Your typical one dimensional face Diva who just smiles for the crowd and is just cheerful for anything that comes her way.

They are similar to Cena in that they symbolise all things good. In their world, "hate" doesn't exist. No hardship exists. It's just smiles in front of the camera and fans. It's the reason why he gravitates towards them.

In order to get Cena to fall, Kane must get those around him to fall. He must destroy his support system that represents all qualities that try to ignore hate.

It will put the pressure on Cena to finally stand up and do what he promises never to do.

Which is grow a set, embrace the hatred, and fight fire with fire.

It will only be a matter of time before even the likes of Ryder attempt to kick this sense into Cena in order for the Big Red Monster to be conquered. After a while, Cena may have no choice but to go against morals in order to help those around him.

But will he have the guts to? He says to either stand for something or fall or anything, but what if everything was already falling around you? You may have nothing to stand for.

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