World Football: 20 Most Ridiculous Dives/Flops

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIJanuary 11, 2012

World Football: 20 Most Ridiculous Dives/Flops

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    Diving has unfortunately become part and parcel of the game.

    Some divers are quite skilled in their practice, and more than normal, they fool the officials.

    In most cases, however, the dives and flops are so ridiculous that they are funny before they are aggravating.

    Here are some of the most ridiculous dives/flops in world football.

Chilean Player Takes One for the Team

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    As one of the commentators said in the video, it's spectacular. There is nothing that can be said about this except that it is really, really funny. The fact that he got the call made it even funnier.

Knut Anders Fostervold Flop

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    According to Wikipedia, Knut Anders Fostervold is now a cyclist after retiring from football due to his injuries. I am guessing it was the injury to his pride that hurt the most.

Really Ridiculous Dive

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    Wow. That is all I have to say about that. Seriously? This is by far the worst dive ever. He was offside, but he was also in on goal. His action was not in the least bit necessary.

Kaj Ennigarð Flop

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    I mean, come on. He is right in front of the referee, and there is obviously no contact that would have enabled such a reaction.


Pretty Bad Timing

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    If you are going to dive—and I sincerely despise those who do—then at least have a sense of timing. This guy definitely lacked that.

Olexander Kucher Flop

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    The player gets hit, turns around, sees an opposing player and falls down. Yep, that's pretty ridiculous. And of course, the "culprit" gets sent off. Okay, he shouldn't have kicked his opponent, but still.

This Is How It Is Done

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    I wish this video was a little longer so that I could see the aftermath, but it is still ridiculous. No. 11 shows his counterpart how it's done with gusto.

Cristiano Ronaldo Flop

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    Sorry about the cursing in this if it offends anyone. As one commentator said, it is embarrassing. What has the game come to?

Nice One Maradona

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    Okay, this is in practice, and it is Diego Maradona way past his prime, but that actually made it funnier to me. Especially in slow motion.

Hamit Altintop: Cristiano Ronaldo's New Diving Tutor

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    So, that's what Real Madrid bought Altintop for.

Captain Setting the Example

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    Really? All he got was a talking to? That is a good captain right there. He knows how to set an example for sure.

Gilardino Dive

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    There is really nothing to say to that. It was so blatant and ridiculous, it's not even funny.

Neymar Dive

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    This is a set of dives by Neymar in one game. I personally like Nos. 3 and 4 a lot. Well, as much as you can like dives for being ridiculous. I understand he is slight in build and all, but still.

Angel Di Maria

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    That's pretty good Di Maria. I am guessing the lessons with Hamit Altintop paid off. At least your player ended up with the red card.

Sergio Busquets Dive

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    First off, Thiago Motta's hand probably should not have been that high. It probably was just part of his bodily motion and awareness that a player was behind him, but still.

    I love Barcelona, but I despise Busquets, and this moment eliminated any thought that I could possibly like him. He is the only person on the team that I feel that way about.

Kyle Lafferty Dive

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    The guys who do this are just wonderful. They tackle hard, knowing that there will probably be some punishment, and they try and get their opponent sent off.

Kader Keita Flop

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    This flop couldn't have been performed on a nicer player. Considering the time and the scoreline of the game at the moment of the incident, there was no need for this at all. Not that there ever is a need. 

    Not cool, Kader Keita. Not cool.

Ashley Cole Dive

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    That was a pretty bad dive, Ashley Cole. Pretty bad. You really deserved a yellow for that.

Rivaldo Flop

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    The name Rivaldo probably still hits a nerve in Turkey even eight years after this. This was simply play-acting at its worst, and the referee did not help the situation with the red card.

Goalkeeper Dives While on the Ground

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    This goalkeeper's like a fish fighting to get off someone's line. He definitely did not want to be outdone by his fellow divers.