WWE Hall of Fame 2012: Why Was Ole Anderson Snubbed from 4 Horsemen Induction?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 11, 2012

Photo: bodybuilding.com
Photo: bodybuilding.com

Ole Anderson is one of the original members of the legendary wrestling stable, The Four Horsemen, which is why it was a shock to see he was not included when it was announced on Raw that the group would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Ole was the tag team partner of Arn Anderson while in the group, but he eventually retired and served more of a managerial role.

After he left the group, Lex Luger was brought in before he left the group over a dispute with JJ Dillon. He teamed with Barry Windham, who turned on Luger and joined the Horsemen.

Windham was featured in place of Anderson last night, which greatly confuses me for two reasons. As far as I am aware, Ole Anderson is not on bad terms with anyone in WWE, and Barry Windham had a career worthy of the Hall of Fame on his own.

Ole was a great wrestler who helped hone Arn Anderson into the legendary brawler he became. Ole's son was also involved in the business, wrestling as Bryant Anderson in WCW.

Ole exited WCW after Eric Bischoff took over and learned of Anderson dealing with Jim Cornette to get his son a job, which angered Bischoff.

Ole Anderson went on to write a book about wrestling called Inside Out, where he openly criticized former teammate Ric Flair for wrestling the same routine for years.

It is hard to argue with him when you go back and look at some of Flair's matches from 10 years ago. It seemed as if he always had the same five moves, where he used to be known as the best wrestler in the business.

Bret Hart also made the same claim about Flair in his book. This could have caused tension between Anderson and Flair.

With Flair still being a TNA talent, it will be interesting to see how WWE addresses that at the Hall of Fame? Will he be shown in the crowd, on stage or will he not even be in attendance?

I would be shocked if Vince actually allowed Flair to speak while under contract with TNA, but you never know. He may see it as an opportunity for ratings and allow him to say a pre-approved speech.

What do you think about Ole Anderson being snubbed from the Hall of Fame?