Watch out Leafs, Ottawa Might Be Looking To Scoop John Tavares

Sean PaddisonCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2009

Hey, Leafs!

Don't look now, but Ottawa has just moved up the pecking order for a shot at landing John Tavares.

Victories are great and all, but if the end result is seeing Tavares with a Senators jersey, tons of Leafs fans are going to be groaning in agony.

I think Ottawa is clearly instituting its own brand of "Tank Nation."

Wouldn't it be just horribly appropriate to see Tavares go to the Sens. If Leafs fans didn't already have enough reasons to hate the Sens, now they would have one to last them years.

Sometimes triumph can lead to tragedy, especially regarding the Leafs.

I'm willing to bet Burke is NOT blind to these changing circumstances and is already planning his blowout day sale in Leafsland.

Best way to ensure losses is to get rid of some of the gravy makers (scorers) that will probably drop in value in two years.

Adios, Nik and adios Tomas! Hello fourth-liner with a cheap contract and boss who wants to dump him.

We shall see how all this plays out, but if the Leafs keep up this .500 pace they will surely screw up their chances in the lottery.

I don't think Burke is that stupid or foolish, so expect to see a losing streak happen really soon.