Baby Boomers: The MLB Rookies Of 2009

Ty JacksonContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

As the baseball season approaches in March of 2009, one wonders who may come forth from the minors and begin a career in glory. Last year, Evan Longoria lead the Tampa Bay Rays to the AL East pennant. In 2007 Jacoby Ellsbury took Red Sox nation by storm with a furry of postseason hitting. Who is waiting in the wings to show their stuff in 2009?

David Price was the 2007 No. 1 overall pick by the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays. In 2008 he finished his minor league career and joined the historic worst to first postseason run by the Rays. In 2009 Price still has rookie eligibility and shows promise to become one of the top pitchers in the league.

Matt Wieters is a relativly unknown 22-year-old catcher. However, he may be known soon. The Orioles soon-to-be catcher will most likely get his chance once 2009 rolls around to continue his minor league reputation as an on-base machine.

If anyone watched Olympic Men's baseball last summer you may recognize Matt LaPorta. A converted first baseman Indians fans may see LaPorta man the outfield with Grady Sizemore in the close future. LaPorta is a power hitter and played in the 2008 Futures game at Yankee Stadium. He was recently traded from the Brewers for CC Sabathia and will excite fans with power hits once he is done motoring through the minors.