Los Angeles Clippers: 6 Other Nicknames Besides "Lob City" for the Team

Ehran KhanContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Los Angeles Clippers: 6 Other Nicknames Besides "Lob City" for the Team

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    Lob City.

    It happened as soon as Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan found out that Chris Paul was coming to the Clippers. The momentum for it was as unstoppable as the train in that Denzel Washington movie I never saw. 

    Or so it seemed—and I'm not just talking about the movie.

    A month later, the Clippers' new moniker has lost most of its luster.

    Some say that the name is just lame.

    Another segment of fans contend that there are other teams out there who are equally as capable in the alley-oop department.

    The Lakers are saying, "Hello, did you forget who else plays in this city? We may go the entire season without converting a single lob!"

    Whichever way you want to look at it, it seems that the Clippers—and my fantasy basketball team—are in need of a new nickname.

    Let's take a peek at a few (not-so-serious) suggestions.

1. "Side-Pick-and-Roll City"

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    Try saying that five times fast. Or don't...saying it out loud might be worse even than typing it out.

    This may be a more accurate description of the what the Clippers do well on offense.

    At times, it almost seems like the Clippers are pressured into going for spectacular lobs instead of making the fundamentally sound basketball play just to live up to their nickname.

    Using that logic, calling themselves "Side-Pick-and-Roll City" may actually make them a more efficient basketball team. Too bad the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

2. "Second Team All-L.A."

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    As a Lakers fan, this was my favorite thing to call the Clippers for the last 15 or so years.

    Now though, it probably doesn't apply seeing as how two of the best three players in Los Angeles wear red and white. (Please direct your hate-filled comments at ESPN's NBA Rank. Thanks.) Hopefully the Clips stay relevant long enough for me to put this nickname out of circulation.

3. "Blakers/Blakeshow"

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    These two names go hand in hand, but if you ask me, they're a little disrespectful to Griffin's teammates.

    Perhaps one of these names would have been appropriate last season—thanks to not nearly enough people being introduced to Eric Gordon—but Blake isn't even the best player on his team anymore.

    Griffin is still the biggest reason the Clippers are one of the NBA's must-watch teams, so perhaps Blakeshow can still be justified. But the show would be a lot less entertaining without Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan co-starring. That means I can't co-sign either of these Blake-centric nicknames.

4. "Chris & Co."

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    He's the best player on the team...but he's not the franchise guy. 

    He's the straw that stirs the drink...but he's not the reason fans in the arena won't leave their seat to go get a drink.

    He's the reason Blake giddily yelped "Lob City!" in the first place...but Griffin and Jordan would be throwing down just as many lobs without him.

    As you can see, Blake is just as, if not more, important to the franchise as a whole. If we can't name the team after Griffin, we certainly can't name it after Paul. Sorry, Chris.

5. "Griffindor"

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    Yes, it's a Harry Potter reference.

    Just follow me here.

    Griffin and the Clippers are a high-flying act like Harry and his pals on their broomsticks. Also, Chris Paul is a wizard with the basketball (See what I did there?).

    Plus, they stand for all that's good while fighting evil, and they're the team that everyone who watches is rooting for. Okay, you're right, I stretched this idea way too far. Moving on...

6. "Lob Angeles"

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    It takes all the fun of "Lob City" and classes it up a little.

    "Lob Angeles" specifies the city the Clippers actually play in, so fans in places like Denver and Portland can't claim the Clips stole "Lob City" from them.

    It also creates a bit of separation from the Lakers and furthers their marketability in L.A. After all, why would you pay triple the price to go see the old, boring Los Angeles Lakers when you could watch the young, exciting Lob Angeles Clippers! Besides, who doesn't love a play on words?

    So, do we have a winner? Use the comments section as an informal poll. And feel free to post whatever wacky suggestions your creative mind can come up with!