Monday Night Raw Results 1/9/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIJanuary 10, 2012

Monday Night Raw Results 1/9/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

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    Eve's date with Zack Ryder reminded me of my first date with my now wife. The only difference is I know how to change a tire the right way.

    Tonight, we witnessed "Big Johnny," the debut of Brodus Clay and John Cena wielding a crowbar.

    As I do every Monday night following Raw, I present the "Top Questions Going Forward."

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have it?

Is Kane Another Trick to Force Fans into Embracing John Cena?

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    “When you say "Cena Sucks," you're actually saying that YOU suck.”

    Subliminal message or innocent promo?  You decide.

    Tonight, Raw opened with Kane coming down and cutting a promo. If you read in-between all of his grunting and unnecessary yelling, the message was that instead of looking up to John Cena, the fans should be hanging their heads because their lives are so terrible.

    The best part is when Kane tried to swerve everyone into loving John Cena by using reverse psychology. It was at that moment that I began to question if this feud with Kane was just another attempt by the WWE to have fans embrace Cena.

    From my perspective, the WWE will latch Cena onto anything they believe will give him more fan support whether that's Zack Ryder’s popularity or the return of a masked Kane.

    I had hoped that Cena was going to put over Dolph Ziggler tonight in an attempt to give him some momentum going forward. I kid you not that I had plans to write a slide dedicated to praising Cena for putting over talent.  Instead Cena walked out of the main event match only to get blindsided by Kane for the 100th time in the last month.

    Is there a point to this feud?

    At first, the grudge between Cena and Kane was about Cena not embracing hate when the fans booed him. Now, Kane seems to be insinuating that no one boos John Cena and wants all of the fans to stop looking up to him.

    At what point will the fans call out the WWE for these flimsy, meaningless feuds?

    There's no way John Cena is going to get beaten down like this every week going forward. At some point, Cena will rise above it all and destroy Kane and lecture us all about how he will never turn heel, blah, blah, blah.

    Kane is being used, just as Mick Foley and Roddy Piper, in a sad attempt to keep John Cena relevant and ensure that fans continue to support him.

    I guess I cannot blame the WWE, considering they have backed themselves into a corner with this “dream match” between Cena and the Rock. The WWE has to continue to make Cena look like a credible opponent against the “Brahma Bull.”

    Where do you think this feud is going?

How Can the Tag Team Division Grow When Kofi Kingston Is Alone?

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    Last time I checked, Evan Bourne was back from his suspension.

    There was no match involving the tag team champs—or any tag team for that matter. In fact Kofi Kingston, one half of the champions, fought against Daniel Bryan in a singles match tonight.

    How does this help develop the tag team division?

    I may sound like a broken record, but I will continue to point out the flaws in the progress of the tag team and diva’s divisions.

    Are you telling me that there was no one else Daniel Bryan could fight against tonight?

    What's the point of having a non-title match between the World Heavyweight Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions?

    I’d also like to point out that Evan Bourne did not even come out with his partner for morale support.

    I am ready to throw in the towel and just have the WWE retire the tag team belts because if you're not going to take it seriously then why have it at all? All we get are throw in matches at every pay-per-view with no storyline or build up.

    Does the tag team division still interest you?

Is CM Punk Being Set Up?

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    John Laurinaitis has made so many conflicting moves as interim Raw general manager that I still cannot figure out if he's setting up CM Punk or if we are giving his character too much credit.

    Since “Big Johnny” has taken over as the GM, most fans have been waiting for an all out heel turn. Those same fans continue to wait as every time he looks like he's about to turn heel, he throws us a wrench and remains neutral.

    Laurinaitis is set to be the special guest referee for the WWE title match between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler at the “Royal Rumble.” In that role John Laurinaitis will be in perfect position to screw CM Punk and prove everyone right about him secretly hating CM Punk.

    Do you believe Laurinaitis actually is a heel though?

    Although there have been plenty of moments ripe for Laurinaitis to turn heel, he still has not. Perhaps, the fans have put it in their heads that John Laurinaitis was going to be Vince McMahon 2.0, but in reality, the WWE just wants him to remain a dry, emotionless character.

    I am not suggesting that's true, but I would like to point out that it's indeed a possibility. If John Laurinaitis turns heel at the rumble, then the fans get what they want anyway, but I would like to at least bring up the plausible idea that Laurinaitis may only be exactly what he is, and the fans are the ones who are trying to transform him into what THEY want.

    Do you believe John Laurinaitis will finally turn heel at the Royal Rumble?

Did Flash Funk Eat Too Many Cheeseburgers?

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    The debut of Brodus Clay finally arrived, and many fans were indeed terrified.

    Unfortunately, it was not due to Clay’s dominant style of fighting, but instead, his fox trot and waltzing abilities.

    The “fall of humanity” and the “monster of under my bed?”  I think not.

    Brodus Clay came out dancing and looked like he was doing his best Flash Funk impersonation. This character does not seem to match the one promoted in all of those videos that made him look terrorizing and unstoppable. 

    After so many weeks of Brodus Clay NOT debuting after being advertised, I did not care if he came out wearing a hula skirt and coconut bra tonight. The WWE missed their chance to make his debut anything special.

    “Funkasaurus” destroyed Kurt Hawkins and then danced more in celebration.  I was wondering when we would get a new dancing gimmick in wrestling. I miss the days of Alex Wright, Disco Inferno and Tokyo Magnum.

    Now Brodus Clay can be a beast on the dance floor and inside the ring because that is exactly what the WWE needs apparently.

    Did you enjoy Brodus Clay’s debut tonight? Is he the next big thing in the WWE?

Is Chris Jericho Important?

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    I am ready for Jericho fans to continue to justify why his return is so brilliant. I am also ready for impatient WWE fans to argue with Jericho’s fans and debate for another week.

    Chris Jericho came out on Raw and attempted to play the crowd once more. For 10 minutes Jericho grinned, slapped hands with the fans and tried to get the biggest reaction he could. Just as Jericho was about to speak, he “broke down” in tears and left the arena.

    I won’t say it's brilliant or stupid, but it's telling when Jericho’s segment is not even important enough to be at the beginning or end of the show.

    His return does absolutely nothing for me regardless of if he's pretending to cry or not. Jericho could come back and cut the greatest promo of his career, and I still would not care because I have seen the best of Chris Jericho, and his time is up.

    His fans like to use the argument that he puts over talent, and he certainly has and should be given credit for doing so. The problem is we do not know what Jericho’s role will be going forward. He may help establish talent currently on the roster, or the WWE may panic and attempt to use him as their primary heel.

    I have no clue how much trust the WWE currently has with their roster. I believe trust, or lack thereof, is the reason the WWE continues to bring back former superstars. They do not believe the talent they have is ready to move forward, and instead, think they should give airtime to forty40-somethings because they can bring back older fans who wants to relive the good ol’ days.

    Jericho’s antics do nothing for me, so I do not have the emotion to debate on the forums like many other writers. I do not have to criticize the way the WWE is handling his return because as far as I’m concerned, this return is meaningless.

    When Jericho is not even important enough to get a premier slot on the card I have to question how relevant his return really is.

    Many of Jericho’s fans seem to want to argue with anyone who does not “get” his return and why he's acting the way he is. I personally just do not care how he's acting because in my opinion, he is only taking up time that could be used on pushing future stars.

    An article like this can come across as if I hate Chris Jericho, which is untrue. I just have seen the best of Jericho, and I want to see the Superstars of tomorrow being pushed. Whether Jericho puts over talent or not is irrelevant because the WWE does not need another aging star on the roster.

    We can analyze his return anyway we like, but the bottom line is that Jericho is back and all we have are unanswered questions that came about during his promos. Who was the girl? Why were the promos so cryptic?

    I’m not an impatient fan, but you have to give me some reason to want to care. As of this moment I do not care at all about Chris Jericho’s return.

    Are you still excited about Jericho’s return? What role will he play on the current roster?

    Let me know what questions came up after Raw for you tonight in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

    Keep it classic everyone!