Alabama Defeats LSU: 10 Things We Learned from BCS Championship Game

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IJanuary 10, 2012

Alabama Defeats LSU: 10 Things We Learned from BCS Championship Game

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    Well another college football season is in the books with Alabama's 21-0 victory over LSU on Monday night, and while Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide brought home their second BCS championship in the past three seasons, some college football fans will say nothing was settled at all.

    So while we are now stuck anticipating the start of next season, let's take a look at 10 things we learned from the 2012 BCS National Championship Game.

So Alabama Can Kick Field Goals After All

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    After being the goat in their first meeting, the Alabama special teams showed up and played a big part of the Crimson Tide winning the BCS championship.

    Alabama missed four field goals in the first matchup, but Jeremy Shelley repaid head coach Nick Saban's trust by knocking down five field goals in the win.

    The Crimson Tide even pulled out the fake field goal that netted them a first down and got production in the return game from Christion Jones, who filled in for the injured Marquis Maze after Maze had a big punt return.

    The Tigers may have the better special teams overall, but it was the Crimson Tide's who showed up Monday night.

LSU Didn't Show Up

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    From the opening drive on we saw fumbled snaps, false starts, bad option plays and more.

    The LSU offense showed no energy at all and didn't cross the midfield stripe until a little over six minutes remained in the game.

    They were embarrassing on third down, converting only two of 12 chances on the night.

    It was an ugly performance from the Tigers from the first snap of the game on.

A,J. McCarron Is Better Than Jordan Jefferson

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    The first-year starter McCarron was impressive throughout. He wasn't fazed by the big stage while Jefferson crumbled under the pressure.

    McCarron got in a groove from the first series on and make plays, something he didn't do in the first meeting. His confidence grew by the pass attempt and was a big reason why the Crimson Tide has a reason to celebrate.

    Jefferson on the other hand, the more natural playmaker, couldn't get anything going all night.

    Comparing the two signal callers on the night:

    McCarron: 23 of 34, 234 yards

    Jefferson: 11 of 17, 53 yards, one interception, one fumble

    McCarron seized the moment and made this his team on the biggest stage possible while Jefferson looked like a guy waiting for things to happen around him.

Nick Saban Outcoached Les Miles

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    What a game plan by Alabama.

    Everyone expected Trent Richardson and the Crimson Tide rushing attack to be the big part of the Alabama offensive attack, but who expected McCarron to come out firing?

    By throwing successfully on almost every first down of the night, Alabama essentially had the usually very aggressive LSU defense on their heels almost throughout the game.

    It was a good game plan and it was executed perfectly.

    The Mad Hatter on the other hand had no answers and no tricks up his sleeve as LSU had no life and appeared to be stuck in neutral all night.

Did We Really Need to See a Rematch?

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    I'm all for great defensive football, in fact I usually prefer it, but did we really need to see eight quarters of football between Alabama and LSU and only one touchdown scored?

    It would still be nice to see that Alabama defense against the Oklahoma State offense.

    Anyone for a plus-one game?

Alabama's Defense Is One of the Greatest of All-Time

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    Speaking of defenses, this Alabama defense played in the SEC and allowed only nine touchdowns all season long.

    They allowed only 8.8 points per game coming into the night and ranked No. 1 against both the pass and the rush and led in almost every other meaningful category.

    What they did tonight was just a special effort against a great football team.

    They pitched a shutout in the BCS Championship Game against the No. 1 team in the nation and allowed only 91 yards on the night.

    If that's not dominant, I don't know what is.

    There have been some great defensive teams in the history of college football, but you can put this Alabama unit up there against any of them.

The LSU Play Calling Was Embarassing

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    So what exactly was the game plan here?

    Whatever it was, it wasn't a good one.

    There was no way the Tigers were going to have success against the Crimson Tide defense by going right at them, but that's what they kept attempting again and again.

    The short throws were eaten up and the Tigers couldn't run the ball at all.

    First of all, Jefferson had the ball in his hands way too much and LSU didn't start trying to run the ball until it was too late.

    Somehow Miles needed to pull something out of his hat and at least give something else a try, but it didn't happen.

    Sticking with a struggling Jefferson throughout also has to be questioned, after playing both quarterbacks for most of the season.

Marquis Maze Showed Why This Game Is Great

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    The simple shot of Alabama wide receiver Marquis Maze crying on the sideline after halftime when he realized he couldn't come back in the game was worth watching.

    That alone let you know just how much this really matters to these guys.

    With so much hype surrounding this game, you almost forget that these are young guys out there.

    Real emotion makes this the greatest game in the world.

    Maze may not have made an impact on the field, but he can call himself a champion at the end of the day.

Alabama Is the Better Team

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    If this game were close and Alabama won then I may say that LSU still deserved a piece of the national title, but the Crimson Tide lost by a field goal in overtime the first time around in a game they missed four field goals.

    But in the rematch, Alabama dominated LSU.

    They made a statement and now have another title to celebrate.

The BCS Bashers Have More Fuel for the Fire

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    Here's what's going to be talked about non-stop for the next couple of weeks.

    Does Alabama deserve the title since they split with LSU?

    Should Oklahoma State be voted national champions since Alabama didn't deserve to be there?

    When will we get a playoff since the BCS doesn't work?

    I can't say I agree or disagree with any of that, but it will be talked about a lot.

    All I know is, like it or not—and most don't—the BCS is the current system and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    Under that system, the Alabama Crimson Tide are your champions and did so in dominating fashion.