BCS Championship Game Video: Watch Anthony Laciura Butcher National Anthem

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Anthony Laciura bit off more than he could chew on Monday night. The former New Orleans Opera singer and current cast member on Boardwalk Empire experienced a rough National Anthem. 

The biggest game of the season started with a memorable anthem. Only, it was memorable for the wrong reason as Laciura cracked twice when he tried to hit high notes. 

He may have tried, but failed in what was an awkward start to an epic event. Laciura was a trooper who continued to sing despite battling with high notes and getting hit with disaster at every turn. 

First, we have to say that the National Anthem is the only song in the world where every person in attendance believes he or she is a critic, and a renowned one. 

When Christina Aguilera flubs a lyric or a poor girl forgets a line then falls on the ice, thousands will be there with an opinion.

Judging by the quick reaction on Twitter, the nation was very much displeased with the performance. In a game that may not feature one touchdown, we are all griping for perfection in every facet here. 

If this game is anything like the first meeting of these two defensive juggernauts, Laciura may find himself as the biggest story of the night. 

We all make mistakes, and a operatic singer with a resume like his no doubt can sing the pants off this national anthem. 

It just so happens that the one time that he ruins it, it is in front of thousands while millions watch at home. Ouch. 

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