Dwight Howard Trade Rumors: Nets Need to Keep MarShon Brooks

John NizinskiAnalyst IIIJanuary 9, 2012

The Dwight Howard trade situation is still up in the air, but he reportedly is still looking to be dealt out of Orlando. Dwight Howard's preferred team has been the New Jersey Nets

The Nets this season are struggling offensively and are currently 2-7. Deron Williams put it best by saying "our offense sucks."

There has been one bright spot in this offense though. Rookie MarShon Brooks has given the Nets consistent scoring. 

The Nets should be trying everything they can to get Dwight Howard on their team, but they should also try to keep MarShon Brooks. MarShon Brooks has proven that he can score in the NBA. He is averaging 13.9 points per game in just 23.4 minutes per game.

Brooks has now emerged as a valuable asset and could be involved in any trade that involves Dwight Howard. While if that is what it takes to get Howard, than the Nets have to pull the trigger, but they should try hard to avoid including MarShon Brooks.

The Nets right now are not a complete team at all and trading to get Dwight Howard would still leave them as an incomplete team. They could deal for Howard then try to make other deals to round out their roster better, but assuming that they are only able to make the deal for Howard, they should try and hold on to as many key players that they have now. 

The Nets currently sit at 28th in the league with 85.44 points per game as a team. They need to add more offensive players than Howard. While Howard will undoubtedly improve their offense, they should try and keep MarShon Brooks as he will be another weapon to score alongside Deron Williams and Howard. 

This season Dwight Howard is averaging 18.1 points per 36 minutes. MarShon Brooks is averaging 21.4 points per 36 minutes. This is not saying that Brooks is a better offensive weapon than Howard, but if the Nets want to improve their offense, they should not deal arguably their best offensive player this season.

Especially a player who is a rookie and will most likely only improve as he becomes older.