Tim Tebow's Passion: Why NFL Fans Should Care About Denver Broncos QB

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Tim Tebow's Passion: Why NFL Fans Should Care About Denver Broncos QB
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Tim Tebow is not a legendary quarterback like John Elway was for the Denver Broncos.

He probably won't make it in to the Hall of Fame.

He does not make the best decisions on the field.

His throwing motion is downright ugly.

He has won some big games, but he has to win a few more before we put him in the discussion of top-tier quarterbacks. 

Tim came through with another "miracle" the other night. And he does deserve a lot of credit for that win. However, we should not love/revere/respect Tebow just because of his timely wins. 

As Bleacher Report lead writer Josh Zerkle put it, "We don't consider Adam Sandler to be a better actor than Morgan Freeman simply because Grown Ups had better box office numbers than Invictus."

Looking beyond his "miracle" wins, here is why Tebow earns my respect.

First, he is a positive, inspirational leader.

Before the football game, I attended the Wizards vs. Timberwolves game in Washington, DC. It was not pretty. The Wizards are winless and things are looking pretty grim for the team.

My buddy commented that every player in a Washington uniform looked like they were playing without a chip on their shoulder. A lot of the players looked apathetic.

Wizards forward Andray Blatche did himself no favors by complaining to the media about what is wrong with the team.

It is hard to act positive when you are losing, but Tebow did not come in to the greatest situation when he was named starting QB in Denver, either.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Against a heavily favored Steelers team, you could see Tebow walking down the sideline, high-fiving his teammates, getting them fired up. He looked like he wanted to win.

As Woody Allen said, "80 percent of success is showing up." Tebow showed up.

Second, he is a positive role model.

Tebow is humble, he credits his teammates and he is genuine. 

Kobe Bryant's reaction to Tebow: "If he were an asshole, he would tell everyone to kiss his ass." I don't think we will hear anything like that from Tebow's mouth this week.

Fans can't seem to talk about Tebow with out commenting on his religion. (Full disclosure, I am a practicing Christian.)

The first question is, why should we even care about his religion?  

Is it because he is so open about it?

He has never said anything about people needing to convert or that all non-believers are going to Hell. Yet, some people can not let his faith go. 

I believe that Tebow is a genuine person who is passionate about his faith. 

People have mocked his "Tebowing" gesture. To be fair to Tebow, the first time he did it was on the sidelines and the media blew it out of proportion.

It was not a showboat, "look at me give thanks" self-promoting gesture. It was a quiet, genuine moment where Tebow wanted to give thanks. Who really cares?

Third, Tebow knows the secret to winning.

This is from sportswriter Bill Simmons' bestseller, The Book of Basketball. Even though Simmons wrote about hoops, some things are universal in the world of professional sports. 

I can't do justice to Simmons writing, but (spoiler alert) Bill learns that the "secret of basketball is that it's not about basketball." It is about (my words) keeping a team together, keeping egos in check and playing for the sake of the team.

Just look at his response to Michael Irvin. It really is not about Tim, it's about the team.

Look past the hype. Look past the miracles. Look past Tebow's public faith.

You will see a young, genuine and humble man who is dedicated to his team and puts forth a passionate effort every time he takes the field.

That's why we should celebrate Tebow.  

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