NBA Trade Speculation: Gamble Each Team Needs to Make

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IJanuary 10, 2012

NBA Trade Speculation: Gamble Each Team Needs to Make

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    About a fifth of the way into the season, each NBA team knows what they need to either improve for the stretch run or make moves to begin rebuilding for next season.

    As is the case every season, some teams will be buyers and some will be sellers.

    Here's a look at what each team should probably do.

Atlanta Hawks

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    Trade Kirk Hinrich

    Several teams could use a veteran point guard, including the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Atlanta can shed his $8 million off the books and pull in a potential future first-round pick or add some depth pieces in order to make a run.

Boston Celtics

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    Trade For DeMarcus Cousins

    Sure, Boston is aging, but they can still be a contender in the Eastern Conference is they bulk up their very thin front line.

    The Celtics are a bad rebounding team and have problems scoring at times.

    Danny Ainge was prepared to make a big offer for Chris Paul—he should try to do the same for Cousins, even though the Kings say they aren't looking to deal him.

    A Rajon Rondo and Cousins one-two punch would be nice after the Big Three are all done.

Charlotte Bobcats

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    Trade D.J. Augustin

    This Bobcats team is going nowhere fast, and they can deal Augustin while his value has never been higher.

    He's playing his best basketball of his career and could fetch Charlotte a decent return.

    Plus, it frees up a spot for rookie Kemba Walker to get more minutes and experience.

Chicago Bulls

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    Acquire Ben Gordon

    The Bulls are off to a good start at 8-2 and remain one of the best defensive teams in the NBA.

    The one improvement they can use is when it comes playoff time, Derrick Rose is really the only player on the roster who can create his own shot.

    Bringing a guy like Gordon back to town gives them a little extra scoring punch.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Trade Ramon Sessions

    It's clearly Kyrie Irving's time, which should make Sessions available.

    He's naturally not getting used enough and could fetch the Cavs a decent return.

    He's a good guard who should generate some interest from contenders.

Dallas Mavericks

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    Trade Jason Terry

    It's looking more and more every day that the Mavericks won't be repeating this season, so the plan should be to get younger.

    They can get Jason Kidd and Jason Terry off their books after this season and almost certainly will buy out Lamar Odom.

    With the goal being taking a run at Dwight Howard or Deron Williams in the offseason, it's unlikely that the Mavs could acquire the big man they desperately need this season, so getting what they can for some of their older productive players makes sense.

    Several teams would love to get their hands on Terry, who could instantly help any team searching for scoring.

Denver Nuggets

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    Trade for Anderson Varejao

    The Nuggets are a deep and talented team that can compete in the Western Conference, and if they need anything, maybe it's one more productive big body.

    Kosta Koufos and Timofey Mozgov getting major minutes down the stretch is not something I would be excited about.

    Going after a guy like Varejao makes sense in many ways

Detroit Pistons

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    Trade Charlie Villanueva

    Since we are talking bold moves here, the Pistons need to keep blowing this thing up and getting younger.

    If they could get anyone to take on Villanueva's contract then they should jump at any offer.

    That's a big if, though.

Golden State Warriors

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    Trade Stephen Curry

    If Curry is deemed healthy, the Warriors should look to deal the young stud before his ankle becomes a chronic problem for them.

    Let that be someone else's problem.

    Monta Ellis can more than handle the backcourt duties, so turn Curry into a big guy or defensive stopper that they need before his trade value decreases.

Houston Rockets

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    Trade Kevin Martin

    With the Rockets struggling, it's time to turn their current good players into assets for the future.

    Martin is a guy who doesn't provide the Rockets with much other than some scoring, and he often needs too many shots to average 16 points per game.

    Several contenders need extra scoring, and he could prove to be a valuable trade chip.

Indiana Pacers

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    Trade for O.J. Mayo

    Third time is the charm?

    The Pacers have been down this road twice before but failed to land Mayo.

    They could use a 2-guard that can get his own shot, so maybe while Mayo is doubtful, they should still look to upgrade the depth at the shooting guard spot.

Los Angeles Clippers

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    Trade for Boris Diaw

    The Clippers could use some additional frontcourt depth, and adding a guy like Diaw could make sense for the short term.

    He could give them rebounding, defense and a little bit of scoring. 

    That's all the Clippers are really needing at the moment.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Trade for D.J. Augustin

    The Lakers need a point guard who will take care of the basketball and who can knock down the three-point shot.

    Augustin is coming into his own as a player and gives the Lakers exactly what they would need.

    No one on the Lakers can knock down the shot from behind the arc, and Augustin is hitting 39 percent of his attempts. After a 27-turnover game, Los Angeles needs someone to value the basketball.

    This would be a possible bold move by the Lakers, but one they should consider making.

Memphis Grizzlies

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    Trade for Jason Terry

    This would require Memphis dealing O.J. Mayo, particularly for a big man, to free up cap space, but Memphis could really use the perimeter scoring from a guy like Terry.

    They shoot an NBA-worst 20 percent from behind the arc, and bringing in a guy like Terry, who shoots 45 percent from long range, would bring a different dimension to the team.

Miami Heat

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    Acquire Kevin Martin

    It would take Miami getting creative to acquire anyone given their cap situation, but acquiring Martin or any other shooting guard is merely an insurance move for Dwyane Wade in case that foot doesn't really heal properly.

Milwaukee Bucks

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    Trade Shaun Livingston

    Livingston has proven to be a nice backup NBA point guard and could be a guy several teams could pursue to add needed backcourt depth down the stretch.

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Trade Michael Beasley

    Minnesota has very good young talent, and Beasley is due for a contract extension.

    Well, the Wolves can't extend everyone—only Kevin Love gets that honor, so Beasley becomes the odd man out.

    Dealing Beasley creates more minutes for rookie Derrick Williams, and if they are smart, Minnesota will upgrade the 2-guard spot in the process.

New Jersey Nets

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    Trade for Dwight Howard

    It's where Howard seems to want to be, and the Magic can't let him walk away for nothing.

    The Nets need to keep Deron Williams in a Nets uniform, and this seems like the only way to make that happen.

    Eventually, they will need to step up and make it happen.

New Orleans Hornets

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    Trade Chris Kaman

    The Hornets are rebuilding, and they've got one nice piece for the future already in Eric Gordon and can turn the expiring contract of Kaman into another piece or a draft pick.

New York Knicks

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    Trade Landry Fields or Toney Douglas

    I'm not really a fan of this, but with Baron Davis eventually going to claim the Knicks' point guard spot, Mike D'Antoni is going to have to keep rookie Iman Shumpert in the starting lineup, so that likely sends Fields to the bench.

    Mike Bibby is already on the bench, and Bill Walker provides some good minutes as well.

    Either Fields or Douglas could become the odd man out, and they could be possibly expendable.

    The Knicks were unwilling to include Fields in the Carmelo Anthony trade, so Douglas could be dealt, but both guys are very good bench pieces, so it's worth keeping an eye on what the Knicks do.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Trade for Shaun Livingston

    It really doesn't have to be Livingston, but adding a decent backup point guard for the stretch run after the loss of Eric Maynor should be a priority for the Thunder.

    In Livingston, they get a guy who takes care of the ball, can knock down an open shot and is capable of running a team for the stretches that Russell Westbrook is getting a breather.

Orlando Magic

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    Trade Dwight Howard

    Get it over with and get something done.

    They don't want to risk him walking for nothing.

Philadelphia 76ers

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    Trade Evan Turner

    This is a bold move, but the Sixers are playing very well at both ends of the floor, and if they want to attempt to make a run in the Eastern Conference, they could use Turner as bait to land a big piece.

    Things aren't exactly working out well in Philadelphia for the No. 2 pick in last year's draft, but there should be several teams that would get in line to take a shot on his potential.

Phoenix Suns

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    Trade Steve Nash

    Of course Nash would have to ask to be traded, but if he does, it would make sense for the Suns to try to trade him.

    They aren't going anywhere with him, and he's their best chance at landing a couple big pieces of their future.

Portand Trail Blazers

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    Trade for Chris Kaman

    This is a stretch, but the Blazers don't need much except some frontcourt insurance.

    Marcus Camby is getting old, and you never know what to expect from Greg Oden when he returns.

    If they could take on the expiring contract of a guy like Kaman, Portland would have a solid front line ready to make a run in the Western Conference.

Sacramento Kings

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    Trade John Salmons

    Since we are talking trades, it makes sense that Salmons' name comes up.

    The Kings have enough young talent in the backcourt that they don't really need Salmons around.

    He could be dealt to a contender at the deadline once again.

San Antonio Spurs

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    Trade Tony Parker

    Depending on how things go without Manu Ginobili, the Spurs could revisit all of the Tony Parker rumors from the last year or so.

    If San Antonio falls out of things, it could make sense to deal Parker while his value is still semi-high.

    They could still be a competitive team without him, and he could get them a key piece in return.

Toronto Raptors

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    Trade Leandro Barbosa

    Barbosa is a guy who's not a part of the Raptors' future, but he could still be a coveted guard near the trade deadline as teams look to add backcourt depth.

Utah Jazz

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    Trade Al Jefferson

    Utah has a talented young frontcourt, and they could deal from a strength to improve other areas of the team.

    Jefferson or Paul Millsap could be in a different uniform before the year ends.

Washington Wizards

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    Trade Nick Young

    The Wizards need to shake things up, and dealing Young might make sense from a financial standpoint.

    He's going to be due for a large pay raise, and Washington isn't really in position to give it to him.

    They have other, more pressing needs than paying Young big dollars in a contract that might turn out to be a problem by the time Washington is ready to compete.