Top 10 Managers You Wouldn't Want to Upset

Colin StoneContributor IIIJanuary 12, 2012

Top 10 Managers You Wouldn't Want to Upset

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    You can't imagine that making Steve Kean upset would have many repercussions for you.

    However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, mess with the likes of Fergie or the Special One, and expect an entirely different response. 

    Managers can be terrifying at times. I'm certain that a halftime team talk from Sir Alex Ferguson would be far from pleasant, but there are some other managers who you would not want to get on the wrong side of either.

    Let's delve into the Top 10.

Neil Warnock

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    He may have been fired this week by QPR, but there's no doubt that Warnock could bite your head off.

    Just six days ago, he went berserk over the FA's decision not to withdraw Joey Barton's three-game suspension and told them exactly how he felt.

    He may not have had much success at the London club this season, but anyone can see that Warnock demands respect from his players.

    However, upsetting Warnock is never a great idea, because as you can see here, here and here, the 63-year-old doesn't hold back.

Alex McLeish

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    McLeish is the first of several Scots on this list, and the potent combination of his threatening Glaswegian accent, intimidating presence and fiery temper makes Big Eck someone you don't want to mess with.

    The former Aberdeen defender has enjoyed relative success at the clubs he's managed so far, and isn't really the type of manager who will vent his spleen to the waiting press.

    However, McLeish has come out in the past to criticise his own players, as seen a fortnight ago with Stephen Ireland, and back in May when he threatened to drop players following a boozy night out.

David Moyes

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    Everton manager David Moyes is another Glaswegian with a pleasant demeanour, but quite a temper.

    An angry halftime team talk from Moyes could well-scar you for life as the tenacious Scotsman tears into your performance.

    According to former Toffee Wayne Rooney, Moyes once told him he'd been eating "too many f****** McDonalds."

    The 48-year-old may be the third-longest serving manager in the Premier League, but that doesn't mean he's become complacent when it comes to managing his players.

Oscar Tabarez

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    Uruguayan boss Oscar Tabarez is one of the most highly-respected coaches in world football.

    El Maestro led the South American minnows to the World Cup semifinals in 2010, and also to victory in last year's Copa America. The 64-year-old has proven that he is without doubt one of the greatest tacticians of all time.

    However, when suggestions arose that Luis Suarez cheated in the World Cup quarterfinals with that handball incident, Tabarez was furious.

    He may be near retirement age, but it's clear to see that when he's riled, Tabarez can give as good as he gets.

Harry Redknapp

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    Redknapp is one of the most talented English managers in the world today, but it's not often that you see him like this. (WARNING: Contains very strong language.)

    However, the world does get to see 'Arry riled from time to time, as proved when he blasted referee Chris Foy for his egregious performance in last month's match against Stoke.

    Redknapp is hugely respected both as a man and as a coach, and this is probably down to the fact that everyone knows you don't upset him.

Felix Magath

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    Everything's fine under Felix Magath. Or rather, everything's a fine.

    German tabloid Bild recently leaked details of Magath’s incredible system for fines this season at current club Wolfsburg, which shocked the footballing world.

    €100 would be docked by the 58-year-old for every minute of a player’s lateness to training, and €250 for wearing headphones on the team bus. However, other fines were simply beyond belief.

    It would cost a defender €500 if he let the ball bounce in front of him before clearing, and €1000 would be taken from a player for every “unnecessary” back-pass made.

    To hurt the wallets further, strikers Mario Mandzukic and Patrick Helmes were both reportedly hit with whopping €10,000 penalties for failing to follow tactical instructions in the defeat at Freiburg.

    Don't upset Magath, or you'll be left out of pocket.

José Mourinho

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    If you upset the Special One, don't expect a tongue-lashing—Mourinho's more likely to physically attack you.

    Last season, he wandered over to a full-on stramash between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and poked one of Barca's coaches in the eye.

    He also slapped Barcelona defender Carlos Puyol in the face as he walked down the tunnel at the start of another El Clasico.

    And finally, Mourinho was involved in a tussle with Victor Valdes after Inter Milan's 1-0 victory over the Spanish side in 2010.

Roy Keane

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    Roy Keane is genuinely crazy.

    His footballing career, which some label "legendary," saw several moments of madness, such as ending the career of Alf-Inge Haaland and walking out on the Republic of Ireland's World Cup squad in 2002.

    However, Keane has carried his crazy streak into management, as Darren Ward told the Daily Mail that the former Manchester United midfielder has aimed several karate kicks at the tactics board during halftime team talks.

    Even if you don't upset Roy, he's going to do something out of the ordinary anyway.

Neil Lennon

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    You do not want to get on the wrong side of Neil Lennon.

    The Northern Irishman got into his fair share of spats as a player, and now as a manager with Rangers' rival Ally McCoist.

    Lennon, who is charming enough in person and in press conferences, becomes a totally different animal once he steps onto the touchline, as seen by these unmissable and incredible set of photographs taken at last season's Inverness Caley game.

    Neil Lennon is not averse to openly tearing into his players, either.

Sir Alex Ferguson

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    What hasn't been said about Sir Alex Ferguson?

    Everyone knows that the fiery-tempered Scotsman can easily blow a gasket, and the phrase "hairdryer treatment" was made famous by the ferocity of his team talks.

    Sir Alex is also known for taking zero nonsense from anybody, most recently fining Wayne Rooney for a poor performance in training.

    However, by far the most famous incident showing Fergie's anger was when superstar David Beckham received a football boot to the face.

    Ferguson has no regrets however, and has proved time and time again that no player is bigger than the club.


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