50 of the Most Overpaid Players and Coaches in Recent Sports History

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50 of the Most Overpaid Players and Coaches in Recent Sports History
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In reality, most athletes are overpaid, at least compared to us mortals, but that's just the world of professional sports. These guys provide a valuable service that the vast majority of the population could not, and they generate enough money to justify their bloated paychecks.

Well, some of them justify their paychecks. Players like Alex Rodriguez and Michael Vick may be bringing home buckets of cash, but their play and star power combined ultimately makes them worth the money.

In other words, they're overpaid relative to the average person, but they've still earned their money.

Not all professional athletes are superstars, though. In fact, most aren't. The majority are role players, specialists or backups—many of whom inadvertently stumble into inexplicably massive contracts.

The same goes for well-paid coaches too—most of them manage to win enough games to help the team contend and generate revenue, but there are always some who don't live up to expectations.

In every league, it seems there's always someone willing to overpay for mediocrity. In the last several years alone, there have been countless examples of this phenomenon.

Here are 50 of the most overpaid players and coaches in recent (North American) sports history that stick out to me most. If you feel I left anyone out, post in the comments section below.

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