2012 NBA Mock Draft: Who Will Win the Anthony Davis Sweepstakes?

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IJanuary 11, 2012

2012 NBA Mock Draft: Who Will Win the Anthony Davis Sweepstakes?

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    The 2011-2012 college basketball season may not be even close to over, but a lot of basketball has been played and a lot of great players are making a good case for being drafted in the first round of the NBA draft.

    Anthony Davis may be the prize in the 2012 NBA draft, but there is so much talent in this year's draft that any NBA team really can't go wrong with their pick.

    Just about any projected player in the top 10 of the draft could be picked at anytime. The upcoming draft could possibly be the best one of all time.

    Read on to find out where the top prospects will go in this NBA mock draft. 

1. Washington Wizards: Anthony Davis, Kentucky

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    Anthony Davis may very well be the best prospect in all of college basketball. 

    It is becoming more and more apparent that Davis will be the No. 1 draft pick. The big question that everyone should be asking is who will win the lottery so they can get Davis.

    If Davis can lead Kentucky to a national championship, he will be a lock for the No. 1 pick overall. 

2. New Jersey Nets: Andre Drummond, Connecticut

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    Andre Drummond has the potential to be the next big center in the NBA.

    Although Drummond's numbers aren't exactly where scouts may want them (7.1 RPG), Drummond still has a lot of room for improvement, and he has the size to dominant at the next level.

    Drummond is already a beast in the inside on both sides of the court. He will only get better with time.  

3. Detroit Pistons: Harrison Barnes, North Carolina

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    Barnes would have been a lottery pick if he had entered last year's draft. He is easily one of the best players in college basketball, and he is capable of starting on any team in the NBA.  

4. Golden State Warriors: Jared Sullinger, Ohio State

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    Jared Sullinger is such a good player that he would be a steal at the No. 4 pick. Sullinger is a big reason why the Ohio State Buckeyes are one of the best teams in all of college basketball.

5. New Orleans Hornets: Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut

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    The world saw how good Lamb is during last year's national championship game. Any team would be crazy not to want this guy.

6. Houston Rockets: Perry Jones, Baylor

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    The Rockets cannot go wrong with picking Perry Jones at the No. 6 spot, that is if he is still available.  

7. Charlotte Bobcats: Thomas Robinson, Kansas

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    Robinson is exactly what NBA scouts look for in a power forward. Robinson is a beast on the boards, and he is also a great scorer. 

8. Milwaukee Bucks: Bradley Beal, Florida

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    Bradley Beal is money from anywhere on the court. His 6'4'' frame allows him to shoot over just about anyone. 

9. Sacramento Kings: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky

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    MKG is an all-around good player. No, make that an amazing player. He can score, rebound, play defense and anything else for that matter.

10. New Orleans Hornets: Terrence Ross, Washington

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    Just like MKG, Terrence Ross is an all-around good player. Ross has a great shot, and he can also finish in transition. 

11. Toronto Raptors: John Henson, North Carolina

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    North Carolina has way too much talent on their team this year, if that is even possible. Henson is definitely in this talent category. 

    Although he is a great rebounder and can contribute on offense, he is known for his shot-blocking ability.

12. Memphis Grizzlies: Austin Rivers, Duke

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    The Grizzlies don't necessarily need a shooting guard, but Rivers certainly would not hurt their team. Whatever the case, Rivers has the ability to be a star at the next level. 

13. Dallas Mavericks: Terrence Jones, Kentucky

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    Terrence Jones can score in just about any way possible. Jones is also capable of playing either forward position, but when put at small forward, he will create a mismatch for other teams just about every time. 

14. Cleveland Cavaliers: Meyers Leonard, Illinois

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    Although Leonard is not the most popular person in college basketball, he is still a great center that would provide the Cavaliers with something they lack. 

15. Phoenix Suns: Marquis Teague, Kentucky

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    Marquis Teague is no Steve Nash, but he still has a lot of potential at the point guard position and would provide the Suns with their future point guard.

    However, one more year in college would only benefit Teague.

16. Houston Rockets: Arnett Moultrie, Mississippi State

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    It is no surprise that the Rockets do not have the same inside presence without Yao Ming. Moultrie is no Yao Ming, but he would certainly be a great addition to the Rockets inside game.

17. Boston Celtics: Doron Lamb, Kentucky

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    The Celtics need some young talent before their team becomes completely washed up. Lamb is obviously young, and he is obviously talented. That is exactly what the Celtics are looking for.

18. L.A. Lakers: Kendall Marhsall, North Carolina

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    Kendall Marshall is not the most gifted offensive player in the world, but he is an assist machine, who knows how to play the point guard position just as good as anybody. 

19. Minnesota Timberwolves: Myck Kabongo, Texas

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    Kabongo is simply one of the best point guards in the nation. The Timberwolves would not be disappointed with this pick. 

20. Denver Nuggets: Patric Young, Florida

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    Patric Young has an NBA body. His only problem is his lack of scoring, but he has improved tremendously in that department from last season. 

21. Orlando Magic: Tyler Zeller, North Carolina

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    Assuming that Zeller is still available, he would be an absolute steal for the Magic. If Zeller is put at the power forward position, he would absolutely dominate on both sides of the court. 

22. Atlanta Hawks: William Buford, Ohio State

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    Buford would provide so much to an already talented Hawks team. To say the least, Buford can score in a variety of ways. 

23. San Antonio Spurs: John Jenkins, Vanderbilt

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    John Jenkins puts up huge numbers on offense. With his offensive production, it would be tough for any team to pass him up.  

24. Boston Celtics: Kris Joseph, Syracuse

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    Joseph would provide the Celtics with an instant impact. Boston is not getting any younger, and they should start rebuilding before it is too late. 

25. Philadelphia 76ers: Mason Plumlee, Duke

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    Mason Plumlee may not be the best center in the world, but he can still contribute a lot offensively and he is a great rebounder. 

26. Indiana Pacers: Maalik Wayns, Villanova

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    Wayns is a very productive point guard who is good enough to challenge Darren Collison for the point guard position. Regardless, the Pacers officially have only one point guard on their roster.  

27. Portland Trail Blazers: Tony Wroten, Washington

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    Tony Wroten is too good to pass up. Wroten has a lot of potential, and Portland could somehow fit him into the mix. 

28. Chicago Bulls: Jeffery Taylor, Vanderbilt

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    Taylor has the ability to start for the Chicago Bulls right now. Although that may not happen, he would still get a lot of playing time and eventually become a starter.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder: JaMychal Green, Alabama

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    The 29th pick may be too early for JaMychal Green, but he is still above average on both sides of the court. 

30. Miami Heat: Draymond Green, Michigan State

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    The Miami Heat do not really lack at any position, but Draymond Green would only help them out.