LSU vs. Alabama: 3 Reasons the Tide Will Win the BCS Title Game

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2012

LSU vs. Alabama: 3 Reasons the Tide Will Win the BCS Title Game

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    After a month of waiting, the national championship day has finally arrived. Alabama and LSU are facing each other for the second time this season, but there is so much more on the line in New Orleans.

    The Tigers bested the Tide on the road in their first matchup 9-6 in overtime, but many people still think that Alabama is the better team on the field.

    Here are three reasons why Nick Saban and company will get the win tonight.

You Can’t Miss That Many Field Goals Again

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    Alabama missed an incredible four field goals in the first game between the two schools. Four. In a game decided by one field goal, the importance of that cannot be understated.

    Yes, they were long field goals that LSU forced over time by playing the field position game. But it is statistically improbable that Cade Foster and Jeremy Shelley miss that many kicks tonight.

    These teams are pretty evenly matched, so don’t be surprised if this game once again comes down to a field goal. At some point, it has to go in for the Tide.

Better Prepared for Jordan Jefferson

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    When Jefferson came in on November 5th, the Alabama defense looked average at best. They couldn’t defend the option, and the talented secondary allowed him to go 6-of-10 passing for nearly triple the yardage of Jarrett Lee with no interceptions.

    With a full month to prepare, the Tide will be better prepared to handle the different attack that comes with Jefferson. Saban is one of the best defensive minds in the game and certainly has the talent to shut down the option attack. You can bet that motivation won’t be an issue, unlike when the team played Georgia Southern.

    Jefferson won’t be nearly as efficient or effective in this game.

Trent Richardson > Tyrann Mathieu

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    In a game as close as this, you have to rely on your stars. While Trent Richardson may or may not be better than Tyrann Mathieu, his lack of fumbles gives him the upper hand in this matchup. His arms are absolutely gigantic, and most of his runs are in between the tackles, which means that the Honey Badger won't be able to get his paws on the football.

    Richardson won the first battle between the Heisman finalists pretty handily, and there’s no reason to think he won’t again.