WWE News: Chris Jericho Returns and Why He Didn't Speak on Raw

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIJanuary 9, 2012

From poptower.com
From poptower.com

When Chris Jericho came back on Monday Night Raw, older fans were hoping to hear at least some of what made him so special.

They didn't get one word.

Jericho had appeared to a huge standing ovation from the audience, and then milked it to the point of having the fans turn against him.  

Jericho is returning as a villain. He has to be—if he had even said one thing last Monday it would have garnered him cheers and applause.

It's more a matter of what kind of heel Jericho is trying to make himself into than anything else.

That seems to be apparent as well.

Jericho came back last week to prove that even without saying a word he is still bigger than anyone on the current roster. He is larger than life and not even Cena can touch that.

Neither can Punk.

That is why Jericho came back and that is the plot he is trying to weave with this new character. No matter what Punk says or does, he will always play second fiddle to Jericho.

In many ways, he is parodying the Rock's return. He is getting the crowd behind him while not really giving them as much in return. He is just showing up when it suits him and getting a reaction out of the crowd.

It's more about him than it is about them. It's about being the best without consistently giving back to the fans each and every night.

In that way, he is the polar opposite of CM Punk.

Punk breathes wrestling. He even wrestled on an FCW show, which is a smaller promotion owned by the WWE that helps build talent, even when he didn't need to.

He has constantly pushed wrestlers like Zack Ryder and supports Daniel Bryan as well.

Jericho's new persona gave off only one trait last Monday. Selfishness.

How much could he make the crowd cheer, and how little did he have to do to get it.

It was brilliantly executed and tonight he might do more of the same. He might even talk.

On the other hand, he might let his actions do his talking for him.

Whatever he does next will limit the possibilities of his new character even more, and fans will start to see it fleshed out.  

That alone makes it worth seeing.