WWE: What Happened to the People Trying to Save Pro Wrestling?

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIJanuary 9, 2012

Pro wrestling is not a dying sport.  Oh sure, it may not be what it was in the Attitude Era, but as long as the WWE is around, pro wrestling will still be around.

But one has to wonder what's the shelf life of the WWE?  Would it be possible that it is still around 10 years from now? 

When even today's stars like John Cena and Randy Orton will be hanging up the boots for good.  Can we really rely on guys like Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder to carry the global empire that has become the WWE?

Pro wrestling needs rebels—the voice of the voiceless.

What happened to CM Punk?  The CM Punk that every week would come out and give promos that was the complete opposite of the WWE mold.

When I watch CM Punk now, I just want to puke.  He's now TEAMING UP with John Cena and acting like the summer of 2011 just never happened.

What happened to Chris Jericho?  While Jericho may not have made it deliberate, it was clear he was trying to change the way the people viewed the product.  Calling the fans hypocrites and parasites for being Mr. McMahon's puppets before his epic return.

What happened to Batista?  Batista left the company because he couldn't stand the direction the company was heading.  His last run in the WWE as a heel showed some clear emotion and disliking of the product.

There are no rebels anymore in the WWE.  Nobody that the true wrestling fan can get behind. 

CM Punk doesn't even acknowledge anymore that he is a tweener.  He is clearly a face and he doesn't have a problem with it, and it makes me sick when I watch him suck up to the crowd instead of taunting the product and the fans.

There are no real-life personas, you have superhero Cena, "Viper" Orton, Mexican Aristocrat Alberto Del Rio, obnoxious Miz, friendly fella Sheamus, etc.

Who is the IWC supposed to get behind?  Jericho?  The IWC will always love Jericho, but the upcoming weeks will decide whether they analyze him, or actually cheer for him.

I look at the WWE roster, and there's just no passion, everybody is following the WWE mold of the happy fun WWE that puts smiles on peoples faces! 

What happened to the people that cared?