Tim Tebow Leads the Denver Broncos to Victory: Image by Image

Michael Nargi@NargOnSportsSenior Analyst IJanuary 9, 2012

Tim Tebow Leads the Denver Broncos to Victory: Image by Image

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    Just like that, the Tebow story begins a new chapter.

    Tim Tebow's team trailed 6-0 after the first quarter, but Tebow brought the Denver Broncos back to take a 20-6 halftime lead. When a few controversial calls went against the Broncos, it looked as though the Pittsburgh Steelers were going to pull it off and end Tebow Mania. 

    But Tebow accepted the bad calls, which included a clear fumble that could not be challenged, because the referee blew his whistle. Immediately I thought, this is not how the Broncos should have their season come to an end.

    Tebow did not allow his team to lose. He picked up his defense, which played incredibly intensely in the first half but allowed the Steelers another life in the second half.

    Many thought that Tebow had lost his allure, until he had this great game on Sunday. He completed great long passes, including the game-winning 80-yard touchdown that sent the defending AFC champions packing.

    These images from Sunday will stick with a lot of NFL fans for years to come when they recall what was simply an improbable game at Mile High Stadium.

Denver Takes the Field

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    The Broncos took the field Sunday afternoon in Denver; they were about to play a memorable game.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos

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    The two teams came into the game both looking for the same thing, a trip to New England.

Tebow Connects with Eddie Royal to Take a 7-6 Lead

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    Eddie Royal blindly catches the first score of the game in the second quarter for the Broncos, a 30-yard toss from Tebow.

Tebow's Rushing Touchdown

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    Tebow scored on an 8-yard run to give the Broncos a 14-6 lead.

Rushing Touchdown Makes It 14-6

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    Tebow celebrates after his rushing touchdown.

Tebow Productive on the Ground

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    Tebow ran for 50 yards on 10 attempts, including his touchdown in the second quarter.

Broncos Lead 20-6 at Halftime

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    Matt Prater kicks two field goals to make it a 20-6 game at halftime. 

McGahee Fumbles in the Fourth

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    After another field goal by Prater and some controversial calls, Denver led 23-16.

    Willis McGahee fumbled on a 1st-and-10 on their own 48-yard line with over seven minutes remaining.

    The Steelers would score a touchdown on the ensuing drive to tie the game at 23.

Overtime = Tebow Time

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    On the first play of overtime, Tim Tebow hit Demaryius Thomas across the middle for an 80-yard, game-winning touchdown. 

Thomas Stiff Arms His Way to the Endzone

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    Thomas had to shed tackles on his way to the end zone.

Mile High Starts the Celebration as Broncos Win 29-23

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    Thomas kept running and never looked back as Mile High began the celebration.

Emotional Victory

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    The Denver Broncos never lacked emotion in their victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tebow Stellar Through the Air

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    Tebow threw for 316 yards and two touchdowns.

Tebow Thanks Fans

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    Tebow wanted to thank the fans for their support after the victory on Sunday.

Tebow and McGahee Celebrate

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    McGahee is relieved that his fumble did not cost the Broncos a trip to New England.

Victory Lap at Mile High

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    Tebow makes his way around Mile High in a victory lap as he celebrates his first playoff victory.