Chris Paul's Jordan CP3.V: Everything You Need to Know About the New Nike Shoes

Allen KimSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2012

Chris Paul's Jordan CP3.V: Everything You Need to Know About the New Nike Shoes

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    Now in his seventh season in the NBA, Chris Paul has entered a new stage of his already illustrious career.

    After playing his first six years in the league with the New Orleans Hornets, Paul finally traded in his teal and gold Hornets jersey for a Clippers red, white and blue.

    In light of this monumental change, Nike and Jordan Brand have rewarded him with his fifth signature shoe, the Jordan CP3.V, to commemorate this important, career-altering move.

    Playing alongside Blake Griffin, Paul has helped to vault the Clippers into relevance.

    The franchise has stepped out of the Lakers' shadow and they're in the conversation as legitimate playoff contenders in the Western Conference.

    With the Clippers' uptempo attack, Paul’s new home couldn’t be a better fit for the league’s best pure point guard.

    While his new toys complement his game perfectly, none do more so than his brand new kicks, the Jordan CP3.V.

    To celebrate his new digs and home, the team behind Paul’s latest kicks have developed what may be his best yet.

A. First Step

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    As the first line on offense and defense, Chris Paul’s first step is a vital part of his attack.

    Whether he’s blowing past defenders or ensuring his man stays in front of him, Paul counts on his feet and, in turn, shoes, to respond at a moment’s notice.

    Paul is easily one of the quickest and most explosive guards in the game, and he uses his first step to abuse opposing players.

    To make sure that Paul can quickly and gracefully move around the court at the drop of a dime, the team built in these features:

    Pull Tab — The CP3.V even goes on quick, thanks to a convenient pull-tab.

    Cushlon ST II Advanced Cushlon ST II material on the medial side of the dual-density midsole allows CP to blastoff at push-off.

    Multidirectional Traction — Serious multidirectional traction bites into the hardwood to ignite CP’s explosive first step.

B. Crossover

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    A staple of any player’s repertoire is the crossover, and Chris Paul happens to have one of the most devastating, ankle-breaking crossovers in the game.

    Paul is able to freeze defenders mid-motion and leave them grasping at nothing but air as he slices across the hardwood.

    To keep his feet stable and his movements precise while crossing players up, the designers added these components to ensure that his defenders are left trailing in his dust:

    Heel Notch — Cushioned heel notch construction prevents slippage and keeps CP locked down when he crosses defenders up.

    Midfoot Shank — External TPU midfoot shank provides superior fit and support, so when CP darts from side-to-side, his kicks don’t.

C. Spin Move

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    One of Chris Paul’s most effective moves is his signature crossover into a spin, which he uses to confuse defenders and turn them on their heels.

    To keep his ankles intact and his defender’s in shambles, Paul needs to have the full range of motion along with enough cushioning and support to make lightening quick moves—the Jordan CP3.V provides exactly that with these design choices and materials:

    Low-cut Collar — Increased ankle range of motion lets CP spin at warp speed.

    Polyurethane Film — Thin, lightweight PU increases the Flywire upper’s durability through every twist and turn.

    Compression Molded Phylon — CMP on the lateral side of the dual-density midsole delivers firm cushioning for rock-solid lateral stability during CP’s ferocious cuts.

D. Fastbreak

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    The Los Angeles Clippers have the most improved offense in the NBA and they have Chris Paul to thank for that.

    When the team gets out and runs, they’re at their very best.

    Paul has arguably the best finisher in the game as his running mate in Blake Griffin, and when the two get out in transition, you can expect nothing but a highlight-reel-worthy jam to finish it off.

    To make sure Paul is at peak performance when on the fast break, the design team incorporated these elements:

    3/4-Innersleeve — Ventilated 3/4-length innersleeve keeps CP cool and comfortable as his game heats up.

    Zonal Cutouts — 61 zonal cutouts cool CP’s jets through four quarters and equal the points he scored in a high school game to honor his late grandfather.

    Sandwich Mesh Tongue — One-piece sandwich-mesh tongue improves comfort when CP’s runs the floor and features five perforations to celebrate his fifth signature kicks.

E. Layup

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    While Chris Paul isn't a flashy dunker—he leaves that to the likes of Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan—when he attacks the basket, he relies on the layup and floater to get his buckets in the paint.

    In order to explode past defenders and elevate as he strides toward the hoop, Paul needs to have a strong and lightweight base to assure that he is able to comfortably move with ease, all while having the support to pull off the dizzying array of moves at his disposal as he goes straight into the heart of opposing defenses:

    Flywire Upper — Next-generation lightweight Flywire upper lets CP fly around the D for the layup with total supportive comfort.

    Podulon Pillars — CP’s signature Podulon technology is strategically placed in the heel for responsive cushioning to let him attack the rim.

    Dual Density Outsole — Dense rubber in the heel and medial forefoot delivers enhanced traction to slice through the lane, plus it features a bowling-shoe-style size callout representing CP’s passion for the pins.

Easter Eggs

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    Chris Paul had a lot of input into the design of the Jordan CP3.V, and he helped to personalize a lot of little features you might not otherwise notice.

    A number of seemingly unassuming design choices are actually a nod to a number of important events in his life:

    - There are triangles all over the shoe, but if you actually stop and count, there are 61 of them, a tribute to Chris’s grandfather, Nathaniel Jones, who was murdered at age 61.

    - Somewhere along the side are five small slashes, to represent the fifth shoe.

    - On the heel of the left shoe, there are a series of dots — nine, then ten, then eleven. A reference to the date of Chris’s wedding, 9/10/11.

    - On the heel of the right shoe are a different series of dots — five, two, four, nine. That is for Chris’s son’s birthday, 5/24/09.

    - Because Chris is so into bowling, he wanted some sort of tribute. So in a nod to the way bowling shoes have the size on the back of each shoe, each pair of CP3.V’s have the size printed on the sole.

    - The tip of each shoelace has 336 printed on it — the area code from North Carolina where Chris grew up. He suggested that the CP3.VI could go with 310.

CP3 on 3 Invitational

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    Jordan Brand and Nike created an interactive world called the CP3on3 Invitational to allow you to see the game through Chris Paul’s eyes—slow time down, rewind and rotate the camera to see angles like never before.

    Watch the play unfold and make sure you keep a close eye on all the action as chaos ensues on the court. Also, make sure you keep your mouse at the ready as you're able to open and unlock some bonus features and footage.

    Check out all the action right here.

    The Jordan CP3.V releases on January 11, 2012 and retails for $120.