Purists Will Crow, but Tim Tebow Is an Unstoppable Force

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Purists Will Crow, but Tim Tebow Is an Unstoppable Force
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Look, you won't find a harsher critic of Tim Tebow than myself. In fact, earlier in the year I wrote an article on why Tebow was ruining the NFL with each win he amassed.

However, after the Denver Broncos beat the defending AFC Champions in overtime, I can't help but come to the conclusion that Tim Tebow is an unstoppable force.

Yes, that is right, he is unstoppable.

Sure, he may not be the greatest technical quarterback that the game has ever seen. Heck, most of the passes he throws could be thrown by an 80-year old man, but he is still unstoppable. 

You want to bring pressure against him? Have fun trying to tackle him and watching him find a receiver down field while you are lying on your back after you hit him and realized it was like running into a brick wall.

You want to only rush three men? Tebow has an answer for that too. It's called pounding the ball up your gut for 11 yards and a first down.

Whatever the Pittsburgh Steelers threw in Tebow's face, he threw right back at them, but he threw it back twice as hard.

And the truth is that he has done this all year long, but on the biggest stage of his career, with the entire world watching, Tebow once again showed us that doubting him is just foolish.

Tebow showed us that, even though he may not have the prettiest spiral, even though he may not have the perfect release or the best footwork, he does have something that only three other teams had this weekend.

He has something that 24 other teams in the NFL wish they had. He has a playoff victory and a date against the New England Patriots next weekend.

And while the logical conclusion would be that there is no way Tebow could beat Tom Brady and Co., logic isn't always reality. 

The reality is that Tim Tebow is an unstoppable force, and that anything is possible when he steps onto the field.

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