Who Would Have Thought? Chargers and Cardinals Really?

JESSI SHARPECorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

My argument begins with the Colts.  Peyton Manning took seven weeks before he worked out all the kinks from having surgery and rescued his team winning their last nine.  They seemed to have all the momentum in the world, especially after beating the number one seeded Tennessee Titans in Week 16 so convincingly.  Maybe that was their problem.  Maybe that gave them the big head and they were so high the Chargers had them beat before they realized it. 

They can't blame it on Peyton, he had over 300 yards passing with no interceptions.  That's pretty much all you can expect from your quarterback.  The Colts even won the turnover battle 2-0.  Oh wait maybe I found the answer, they were outrushed 167-64.  These are all interesting stats, but maybe the answer is what my old high school coach used to say "Boys they just wanted it more."

Unfortunately for us we got to have that speech 10 times in an 0-10 senior year.  Quit laughing.  I'm sure people will be coming up with answers through the week on why the Colts lost, but none of these answers will mean anything really will they.

Next up the Cardinals.  The sure to be out after the first round, not belonging in the playoffs, no defense Cardinals.  True they played in a terrible conference.  True they seemed to lose to any team that was in the playoff chase through the season. At the end of this day however, the Cardinals knocked "Golden Boy" Matt Ryan and his high flying Falcons out of one of the best Cinderella stories ever told. 

Atlanta was supposed to be the team that nobody wanted to play.  The Cardinals sure seemed to enjoy playing them that for sure.  You can tell that by their constant smiling through the game.  They looked like a bunch kids playing on the playground out their.  Maybe that's the secret to winning championships, having fun.  All anyone knows is their fantasy playoff brackets are busted all to pieces, except for CARDINALFANFORLIFE21.

Well if the Dolphins and the Vikings win tomorrow that will complete a weekend of playoff upsets.  Will this happen, unlikely.  At least according to the experts and we see where that got us today didn't we.  All I know is if Superbowl XLIII is the San Diego Chargers against the Arizona Cardinals allot of people are going to be let down.  I mean even the so called experts don't want this to happen. 

First of all the economy is so crappy allot of these teams fans are not going to want to pay to get that far across the country.  The economically safe route would be Carolina against Miami.  Then there is the ratings.  San Diego seems to have fans but Arizona?  Maybe enough people dug in their closets and dusted off their old Jake Plummer jerseys to make this thing happen.

I for one will be watching just because I love the sport.  So ratings might not be a problem if there are enough people like me in the world.  Also I'm sure these bang-wagon fans that were wearing Cowboys jerseys at the beginning of the year will jump on board with one of these Cinderellas. 

Then again I might be getting ahead of myself here, of course the Giants and Steelers are destined to meet in a black and blue slugfest sports historians will be writing about for ages.  Or Tennessee and Carolina meet in an Appalachian ho down.  Either way I will drink about 12 cold ones and be trying to focus my eyes on a last second field goal to win the game.  Care to join me?