Casting Head Coaches in the NFL: The Movie

Matt SmithContributor IIIJanuary 9, 2012

Casting Head Coaches in the NFL: The Movie

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    No matter who you are, chances are you'll find at least a few movies in your lifetime. In fact, you'll likely find more than that.

    In movies, there are certain types of characters that are cast in every movie.

    Certain current NFL coaches will be placed under a type of archetypal character in movies.

    So which current head coaches will win each role?

    Note: Interim coaches Mel Tucker and Todd Bowles were not considered for this list.

The Protagonist

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    Every movie needs a protagonist, the good guy of the movie and the audience's darling. This NFL coach is well-liked by his team's fans.

    Winner: Mike Tomlin. It's hard not to like Tomlin, who flies under the radar at times but is an excellent coach.

The Antagonist

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    If the protagonist doesn't have an enemy or a foil, would a movie really be that good? Not too well-liked by his team's fans, this coach is on the hot seat next season.

    Winner: Pat Shurmur. Some had Colt McCoy pegged as a breakout star when Shurmur, a so-called offensive mastermind, came into town.

The Mad Scientist

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    The Mad Scientist occasionally does some questionable things but is a brilliant mind in his own right. This NFL coach has a brilliant mind but a few bad decisions hold his team back at times.

    Winner: Chan Gailey. His record doesn't reflect it, but Gailey is extremely creative. He found a way for Ryan Fitzpatrick to get himself a ton of money.

The Loudmouth

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    Found especially in war and action films, the loudmouth is supremely confident and often younger. He thinks he's the best person out there. This NFL coach runs his mouth too often and sometimes pays the price.

    Winner: Rex Ryan. If you can think of someone else, let me know.

The Mentor

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    Typically older in age, the mentor had an illustrious past. Either coaching up someone to take his place or coming to the end of his days, the mentor is fading fast. This NFL coach is getting up there in age and may soon be retired.

    Winner: Mike Shanahan. He had success in the past, but he hasn't been productive during his tenure in Washington.

The Newbie

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    As the name implies, the newbie's career is young. In his first or second year, this NFL head coach still has something to prove. However, the future is bright for this coach.

    Winner: Jim Harbaugh. He's built a winner out of the 49ers in his first year and should win Coach of the Year.

The Grizzled Veteran

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    Though similar to the mentor in age, the grizzled veteran has experience and knows what to do. However, if he doesn't die during the movie, he lives to still see success. This NFL head coach knows how to win and will be on the sidelines for the foreseeable future.

    Winner: Bill Belichick. Belichick knows the game and he knows how to win. The Patriot icon and his stylish headband still have more years left in them.

The Unselfish Sidekick

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    The Unselfish Sidekick is, well, unselfish. This often leads to a heavy following by fans and the unselfish sidekick puts the team first. In the NFL, this head coach is well-respected across the league and well, unselfish (although he isn't a sidekick in real life).

    Winner: Mike Munchak. The Titans improved this season and Munchak refused the Penn State job, although he wanted to take it.

The Risk Taker

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    Commonly added into movies to make things more interesting, the Risk Taker either makes things worse or better, there is no middle ground. This NFL head coach isn't afraid to take the risk when he wants to.

    Winner: Sean Payton. His onside kick during the Super Bowl was one of the riskiest play calls in playoff history.